PS3 Gal Gun Trailer Confirms Pantsu

Andriasang: Xbox 360 owners lots their pantsu privileges when Alchemist censored Gal Gun via a post-release censorship patch.

Are PS3 owners to be without pantsu too?

You'll find the answer in this new trailer for the PS3 version:

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fei-hung2924d ago

Is it wrong for me to want this game?!?!

p.s. can someone transelate WTF is going on and why you are shooting girls in their precious bits? :S

Cloudberry2924d ago

No matter how perverted / weird it is. : P

I couldn't translate it unfortunately, but as for the shooting game-play reasons & what not you could read here.

Cloudberry2924d ago

Your money, your choice.

fei-hung2924d ago

Bubbles for the trouble of finding the link and posting it. much appreciated.

Been playing Shadows of the Damned and that is one big Boner joke after the other. So this shouldn't be so bad lol Not to say its a bad game cuz it isn't. In fact, it is surprisingly awesome.

Hope you can play this with the Move on the PS3.

SolidGear32924d ago

Damn happy this is coming to PS3. Now if only a localization could happen! It happened with Catherine, why not this?!