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GP: "The cover-based-shooter has got itself a rather opulent, sturdy throne, in the growing chambers which make up modern gaming. And while that real, real dumb and elaborate metaphor isn’t particularly negative, sometimes you get a craving for the days when circle-strafing and a strong clicking-finger were all you needed in order to end an absolute pile of dudes. A thirst for the era in which a few bullets were maybe enough to shave off your five o’ clock shadow. A deep desire for a time when plot could consist of 'kill dudes and then kill bigger dude.'

Serious Sam 3: BFE is yet another release in the namesake franchise, which since its inception, has been out to prove time and time again that the classic style of arcade FPS I just described is still perfectly viable. Can it manage to yet again do so, with five years since the last game in its series?"

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