PS3 To Be Aimed At A Younger Audience

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s new head honcho, Jim Ryan, has said that the company is to start directing their efforts at attracting a “younger demographic” for the current flagship console. This would closely emulate what Sony did with the PS1 and PS2 as they reached the midway point of their ten year life cycles and were replaced by new consoles.

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dark-hollow2926d ago

Ps2 is a strong evidance that you can have both casual and hardcore crowd.

Micro_Sony2926d ago

This is great!!!

I have a 8 and 10 year old and having games fro kids is a life saver.

You really do not know how important it is to play video games with your young ones until you have some of your own.

darthv722925d ago

i started them out on the classic NES. 2 buttons and a dpad...simplicity. I didnt have a 2600 at the time so it had to do.

They eventually graduated to the more complex controllers like the snes and n64 and ps ones. Now seems I cant get the 360 controller out of my youngest (he is 9) and his sister. They play various lego games and the sorts.

He also likes to play the wii and wants to get a kinect. I do play games with the kids now and then. It used to be nerve wracking trying to explain how to do this or that so I got to a point where I told them to figure it out. I had to when I was young so why not them.

My oldest and I we like to play guitar hero and rockband. The wife....she is a puzzle gamer. Tetris, Dr Mario, Zuma, Peggle and Bejeweled.

Yeah, its a family thing but we are all contributing to the overall gaming medium that I started out with back in the pong days.

On topic: yeah it usually happens that when you see more marketing and gearing towards the younger crowd is a sign that bigger more advanced stuff is on the horizon. Nintendo did it with the NES when they were releasing the SNES and the same for Sega.

This could be a sign that a PS4 is around the corner. If it kids arent playing it. They can have the PS3 like they got the PS2 when the PS3 came out.

Is it wrong to give hand me downs to your kids when it comes to gaming?

miyamoto2926d ago

Finally, a well rounded & well balanced High Definition home console with a touch screen controller for the whole family next year...oh wait isn't that what the Wii U is set to be?

Pyscho_Mantis2926d ago

thats funny cuz the ps3 will be able to do all that by next march but the Wii U isn't out in a year. Hmmm I wonder who did it first....

ShaunCameron2925d ago

The PS2 was "being everything to everybody" done right.

swishersweets200312926d ago

i thought it already was aimed at younger audiences with LBP

GribbleGrunger2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

clearly you have never actually had hands on experience of the game. Bollean logic aint for kids

swishersweets200312926d ago

are you serious? I own both of them, and both my 8 and 5 year old beast at the game, my 8 year old platinumed the freaking game. To all you people saying little big planets too hard for kids must be on crack.

GribbleGrunger2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

oh, could you send me a link to the levels your two kids have made please, i'd be interested in seeing them. and perhaps you could also explain the boolean logic they used to create the animations too.

you missed the point as most people do when you talk about LBP to people who haven't actually used it. playing it is smallest part, making games is the reason you own it. but of course you would know this if you actually had the game and you'd also know how hard it is to actually platinum the game. i reckon you'd probably struggle to do a simple sticker panel animation, let alone program simple AI for your sackbot.

it takes intelligence to even understand it, let alone use it, that's the reason i put it's not for kids. of course the product of those creative, imaginative and intelligent people can be played by kids (sometimes), but that's not the point.

people really need to stop this nonsense about LBP. it was something the 360 fanboys started way back because of envy and it continues to this day

kneon2926d ago

LBP may look all cutsy but it's too hard for little kids.

kneon2926d ago

I guess the disagreer has never played LBP, there are levels that are too hard for many teens and adults let alone kids.

dredgewalker2926d ago

My daughter is actually a better player in LBP than me, though it makes me proud that she has my gaming blood (even if I'm pathetic with LBP)!

TopDudeMan2926d ago

Nah, I think you're underestimating little kids. Look at some of the games you played when you were a kid.

I'll go ahead and tell you that I grew up playing super mario bros 3. I am terrible at that game now, yet when I was younger, I managed to beat it.

DA_SHREDDER2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

my 5 year old son proves other wise. Also, he's been beta testing games since was 3. We are both in the Star Hawk beta now and he loves it just as much as mario and LBP. He's in kindergarten but he creates his own levels and everything. You guys here on N4G don't know squat about games. Just go your way and if you don't have kids, stay out of this topic.

I just read some of you guys' points below and your right. They could totally keep the cost down to everything and make the ps3 a console mostly for kids. Make it cheaper, and sell the games cheaper, but the main thing they have to realize, is that not only do they have to up the ante when it comes to games, but the quality of them.

Dont get me wrong, they got the hardcore game on lock, but when you compare games from Nintendo to Sony. The big N destroys not just because of the nostalgia, but they make their games accessible, and just take a game like Mario Galaxies, Kirby, Mario 3D. It has platforming, but the imagination isn't left behind for the user to figure out, like LBP tries to do. Just look at the level design to every mario game. It's unparalleled despite other franchises trying to copy and paste . Even mario kart can't be touch. What Sony does do right is the online, lag free servers, and free online. That's key. My son loves making friends online, and of course, I know there are just plain ol bad people out there, but thats why I watch what he's doing. Its our jobs as adults to make sure they are having fun, but also not mixing in with the wrong crowd. Now back to playing Star Hawk.

ZombieAssassin2926d ago

While I'll admit some of the levels might be a little hard/frustrating for kids in LBP it won't be for all. Hell remember when we were kids playing games like MegaMan/Ninja Gaiden, those games were hard as hell but we managed...funnily enough though I can barely get through either of those games anymore. 6yr old me would whoop my ass at Mortal Kombat 2.

dredgewalker2926d ago


Oh yeah I can remember I could finish Contra without losing a single life back then. I guess age does slow down ones reflexes. Fortunately I can still beat her when she challenges me to Tekken and Street Fighter....mwahahahahaa.....I know it's pathetic to win against a little girl but as a father I must not lose against my child!

kneon2926d ago

This may come as a shock to some of you but we're not normal. I've aced all the LBP levels as have my kids. If you're a hardcore gamer then odds are your kids have been exposed to gaming since birth and aren't normal either.

But family games for the casual audience need to be easier, there are sections of LBP, like the bunker for example that will just be too frustrating for many normal people. I've watched a lot of non-gamer kids try to play LBP and often they will give up when faced with the harder challenges.

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miyamoto2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Good News! Let's Talk.

At last the budget gamer's prayer (parent or not) has been answered! Single console system gamer's on a budget can now have a console that covers the full spectrum of game genres from wholesome kid friendly family games the likes of Mario & Pokemon to patented PS3 adult games like God of War and Heavy Rain.

Sony has been slow and in lots of trouble lately and I five years,though a very long time, is enough to establish the PS3 as the console that moves hardcore gaming forward. Now that most major core franchises are out, its time to address this massively un-attended market-the daddy gamer's gaming children with out letting the hardcore gamers down. Not saying that these wholesome games will be cheap but they are the perfect filler while Sony's big projects go into to their 2 year development cycles.

Its good to see the PlayStation going back to its roots - the 19 & Up motto/philosophy that made the PS1 & PS2 complete and well rounded platforms. Its been a long time the PS3 & PSP brand focused on adult games unlike the PS1 & PS2 who had games for the kids since launch. So long it gave Nintendo virtually no competition on that market. It was good for Ninty's recovery after the Gamecube but it hurt Sony big time.

“If you look back at the history on PS1, PS2 the vast majority of the business that we did on both those platforms was done at the sub £129 price points. Now we’ve only got to £199 in the UK a couple of month back so you can see there’s still a lot of PS3’s potentially to be sold.”

Along with the PS3 price cuts it makes sense that with affordability comes compelling games parent's can finally let their kids play on the PS3. God of War 3 simply ain't for kids. If PlayStation brand is to survive like Ninty in these tough economic times, it has to serve this budget family gamer market's demands as well. After all if parent's are gamers most likely their kids are, as well.

The PlayStation brand going back to its roots is such a very refreshing and welcome news that will further increase the value of the platform.

Oh, this is going to be an interesting next year. It looks like Sony is going all out against the competition.

Nintendo has its sights on gaining the PSP and PS3 core market with 3DS and WiiU while Sony is finally meeting the demands of younger gamers with the PS3 without buying a new console. Overall, this is awesome news.

miyamoto2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

It just makes sense if you try to hit that market obviously you gotta lower the price of hardware and software.
More budget friendly PS3 because no parent wants to buy an expensive game machine for their kids.

This may also mean a below 160 GB SKU for the PS3.

Lucreto2926d ago

Sounds like another console is on the way.

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