Final Fantasy XIV Subscription Plans Detailed. Reduced Monthly Fee Disclosed.

Square Enix Just announced that Final Fantasy XIV users will have to start paying a discounted monthly fee starting on January the 6th, 2012.

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Tdmd2924d ago

Very curious to see if the ps3 version will be good. If it is, I'll support this game gladly. Have been ages since my last mmorpg!

Spenok2924d ago

Im sure once 2.0 launches (PS3 version at the same time) The game will be nothing short of amazing.

The game has come a LONG way since launch and is in my opinion absolutely worth paying for now. Im glad they reduced the monthly fee to $10 though, as its an easier pill to swollow.

Yoshi P, the new creative director for the game has done this game a great service. And is only giving this game the breath of life. I honestly believe that it will be something absolutely special once 2.0 launches. And maybe even before then. Especially if the patches that have been releasing lately are anything to go by.

papashango2924d ago

No its not worth paying for now. I stopped playing last month and while It's a decent timesink. It's got a few more patches before It's worth recommending.

I have no doubts 2.0 will bring it to where it should have been though.

Silber2924d ago

The Game is not bad since the recent patches, but i think i will stop playing it, when the billing comes. It its not good enough for this in the moment.

negroguy2924d ago

They had a chance to get me into another MMO when this came out and they failed miserably. FFXI was my first MMO and I loved everything about it (FFXI had the best community). Now SWTOR is coming out and has all my attention.

kingdavid2924d ago

Game should be free ffs.

Ethereal2924d ago

Very interested in the PS3 version if it ever sees the light of day.

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The story is too old to be commented.