COD or Battlefield? (How to communicate with gamers)

Polian Studios: "A little while ago, I was at an event sitting next to two attractive guys while they play Black Ops (I only knew it was black Ops because I allowed myself to ask one stupid question), and I got to wondering what is appropriate to say while guys are playing video games."

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Hufandpuf2930d ago

As a guy I'll give you some advise. Playing video games is a hands on activity. We don't like being pulled away from a hands on activity, so it's always best for you to ask us questions about the game being played at that moment. Especially if want to know why what we're doing is so interesting to us.

More specifically, say what you like about game by what you see. Complement our in game characters or applaud us for beating a level for a boss. Try not to act clueless and ask us too many questions because then we'd have to take time out of the game to tell you.

In a shooter game, ask us why we use gun we currently have, or what do we think is the best gun. If you're really bored or clueless, point out things you DO like without sounding like you are nagging.

And if you're up to it, give the game a quick try. No harm playing a game as games are meant for everyone to enjoy, not just guys.