Are Female Gamers Being Left Behind?

According to the Entertainment Software Association, 38 per cent of gamers are women. The number of females playing video games has been continuously growing for the past several years, so why aren’t we seeing more video games that appeal to women?

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Urmomlol2931d ago

This article is sexist because it implies that video games like Call of Duty aren't made for women.

Games are made for everyone. Whether you enjoy it or not is based entirely on your preference and not an inherent disposition based on your gender.

PhantomTommy2931d ago

You can't deny that games like cod are aimed primarily at men though.

Max Power2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

You can't deny that games like cod are aimed primarily at young boys though.


gamingdroid2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

You can't deny that games like CoD are aimed at gamers.

Fixed. sigh....

TheBlackMask2931d ago


Lol....I think the guy above got it right the first time

Big guns, explosions, military men, over the top action scenes, the online which is basicaly a boys club. Safe to say it was aimed at males, who are consoles more audience anyway.

To imply it was meant for both genders (gamers) is silly. The only girls who I know play on COD are the ones who try and impress the male audience and the ones who force themselfs to steer away from the sterotypes surrounding them

gamingdroid2931d ago

Actually I was surprised to find my cousin whom is a female play CoD: Black Ops on the PS3!

Of course this isn't representative of the community, but you will be surprised at how many female do game. It's just the males are far more vocal and in many instances are vocally abusive (i.e. acting like perverted monkeys) if they find the gamer is a female.

That said, I think it is silly to believe it is aimed at "males" as opposed to the fact that males just happen to be more attracted to it. How many "females" do you see in the military? Far less than males for sure.

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h311rais3r2931d ago

Its almost like this guy thinks women should ONLY play Martha Stewart's home adventures. Deluxe kitchen addition

Johandevries2931d ago

Go Make Me!
A Sandwich Simulator

PshycoNinja2931d ago

I always think about the ladies first ;).

ATi_Elite2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

I'm tired of these stupid "Female Gamers" articles. I actually play with a few Hardcore Lady Gamers and they do not like to be called "Female Gamers" when they are on the KB/m or Controller......cause they are just Gamers! just like us guys.

they think if you refer to them as Female gamers it's like your gonna take it easy on them which is not what they want cause they wanna learn the hard way like all us guy N0obs!

They do not want rainbows and unicorns or Twilight stickers on their keyboards. They want to Rape, Pwn, Own, and dominate in FPS just like everyone else. And yes they use the phrase RAPE just like all gamers do plus other Vulgar sayings when dominating in FPS that i care not to repeat.

Sure they may have modded Pink M4's or Soldiers in high heels but trust me they will shoot you in the face and talk shite just like everyone else does and they enjoy it.

Being a Gamer is just a way of life that has NO boundaries such as race sex or religion. Everyone loves to just Frag-a-mother-Phucker!

Sure most games are male characters but in real life most Soldiers, Killers, murderers, warlords, etc. are males. They will play a good game no matter the character's sex just like Bayonetta and Tomb Raider were good games played mostly by guys.

The only complaints some Lady Gamers have that i play with is the lack of Character customization but on the PC they mod their characters out to their likings and most of the time believe it or not it's big boobs, high heels, lots of flesh, and tight clothes except the one Emo chick i play with...her characters are a little weird. lol

When they are not playing FPS with our Lan group they are ALL currently playing Skyrim! Females can and DO everything that males do whether it's sports or video games. So NO females are not being left behind in video games.

Dam near every Major Dev team has a Female Developer so stop this madness.

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Pozzle2931d ago

I think there are plenty of games that appeal to women (or appeal to both genders at the same time). But the problem is, a lot of girls don't seem to know they exist.

I was thinking about why women don't seem to be all that interested in video games (and why many of my female friends don't "get" why I like gaming), and I think that a lot of women probably don't realize just how social or story-oriented games have become nowadays. Hell, my own female friends are still convinced games are only about shooting and aliens, and that I'm "such a boy" for liking them...even though I rarely play shooters, and try to explain to them that games come in all types of genres nowadays.

Keep in mind, I'm only generalizing here...but women seem to be more interested in storytelling and characters than, say, other aspects of media. I suppose that's why many best-selling books are those that are geared towards female audiences (e.g. the Twilight series). Women love stories. I myself love stories. Hell, I even played games like Resident Evil 5 and Mortal Kombat 9 mostly for the stories (even though their stories aren't the best in gaming's history - oh well). I think that if more women knew games like Uncharted and Heavy Rain existed, they'd be more inclined to try them out.

That's just my two cents though. I could be completely wrong. :O

h311rais3r2931d ago

Every gamer girl I know loves skyrim.

SuperNerd2931d ago

realy man ? my girl hates it

Hufandpuf2931d ago

I don't think, or just haven't heard, enough from women to justify any change in the game industry's direction. From an observer standpoint, if more women are joining, they must like the way the industry is handling itself now, so why change if the demographic of women gamers are increasing without much work from the industry or devs?

And besides, I haven't heard much from the women in the industry other than they like games with handsome protagonists like Assassin's Creed, Uncharted, or Skyrim.

Titanz2931d ago

I always get, "disagree bombed" because of em'. :(

death2smoochie2931d ago

"Are Female Gamers Being Left Behind?"

Who cares

admiralthrawn872931d ago

i agree only because this subject is getting old. If you want to be treated like a gamer, act like one. Most gamers don't sit around wondering if "am i being left behind."

play games, love them, shut up. Feminism is getting old.

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