Top three moments of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Bettor: "The trailers and demos the developer shared were the tip of the iceberg as the final game delivered everything promised. Yet, what were the standout moments in Nathan Drake’s third adventure?"

Spoilers ahead.

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DonaldBeck2923d ago


The airplane, where you flew out and grabbed onto the cargo blowing the enemys away, and then you fall out of the plane and catch that falling cargo, that was amazing.

the part where you are on a ship, jumping from one to another, taking one out with an rpg, the graphics, everything was amazing

the burning building was amazing, you could hear the wood cracking, the lighting was amazing, the ground below you would crumble, it was intense.

the horseriding where you jump from cargo van to cargo van from your horse and take out a different cargo van with an rpg.

the part where you walk alone through the desert.

the barfight scene

when drake was a kid, it was amazing.

i could go on and on, the game was amazing.

byrnezy2923d ago

The whole deception of the game was amazing, the whole time I thought someone was going to backstab Drake, like Flyn that bastard in number 2!!

Pozzle2923d ago

Me too! I was seriously expecting Sully to backstab Drake, especially later on in the game when the story started getting more serious. I was preparing myself for the possibility that Sully might be bad. :O

byrnezy2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Yeah defianetley, a few times I thought I was gonna have to lay the smack down on my beloved Sully, although him pulling the wes44 out when carter was strangiling me certainly reassured me a little lol

Quadrostacker2922d ago


but what really had me pissed and shocked was thinking that sully was dead after talbot shot him i wanted revenge so bad, i wanted talbots head.