KB Won’t Settle for Half, Introduces the PlayStation 3D Display

PlayStation spokessuperman Kevin Butler has presented his latest invention – the SimulView PlayStation 3D Display. - PSLS

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stormeagle62931d ago

I always thought this was such a cool idea-if it worked. Haven't had a chance to test it out yet.

sunnygrg2930d ago

Only Kevin Butler can snatch Jackie Chan's sandwich and live to see tomorrow.

Spenok2931d ago

Yeah dude its amazing. It works great. Though if anyone thats not playing wants to watch they get two images overlaping the whole screen and it would be terrible to watch.

Whats even better is you dont need this special tech to do it either. Just look it up on youtube, this can be done with just about any 3DTV. :D

insertcoin2931d ago

Had some of them available at the PS Vita Social Club. It worked great and, with the PS Vita cross platform link, it's even better.

spunnups2931d ago

Simulview? That's sick. Never heard of it. Does it actually work well? How is this even possible? Cool stuff.

Rageanitus2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

I know Sharp was showing this tech in 2005... but I think it would only work for video games as marketed by Sony. How often do you watch two different shows at the same time and have different sound sources.

fei-hung2931d ago

Works a bit like 3D where it alternates between 2 images really fast. This allows the active shutter glasses to show one screen to player 1 and a different screen to player 2.

I've checked it out and it works pretty well. Wish they had one of these at 32".

palaeomerus2931d ago

Tested looked at it and said it was overpriced for what you get ( a small monitor, meaning no tuner, with a feature not supported by enough games that require active shutter glasses ) and you should wait for a less expensive more refined successor. They also said that you can see ghost traces of the other player's virtual screen. They felt it was mainly for dorm rooms but too expensive for that audience.

Rageanitus2931d ago

it is now 399... pretty sweet deal but ill only pay that much if it were a 32 inch monitor.

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