Bethesda v. Interplay Motions Results

Duck and Cover has the initial results from today's important Motions hearing in the Bethesda v. Interplay Fallout: Online lawsuit. DAC will be live-blogging the results as new information becomes available.

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Dark_Overlord2931d ago

I want to know what was granted, and what was denied :(

I'm guessing one of the things granted was the refusal of Bethesdas expert witness (and rightly so, bethesda were taking the p*** with it)

dredgewalker2930d ago

Bethesda might be planning for a long case so it will most likely crash and erase the file records, making the case non-existent. After that they'll try to patch things up with Interplay but considering their history with patches it won't fix the problem.

Letros2930d ago

I see what u did there :-D

ZombieAssassin2930d ago

LMAO dredge +funny bubble for you.

ONTOPIC-I wish this thing would just end and Interplay gets to make a Fallout MMO and Bethesda gets to go on making Fallout games.

Dark_Overlord2930d ago


The only problem is only one of those 2 things will happen.

If Interplay win, Bethesda can make 1 more Fallout game and Interplay will make the MMO.

If Bethesda win, then Interplay won't be allowed to make the MMO