The Failings of Uncharted 3

After recently completing the game, I’ve realized the simple truth that Drake’s Deception was narratively underdeveloped. Naughty Dog substituted a lack of poignant emotional development with a numbing amount of aimless grandiosity and narrow, repetitive gameplay.

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Murpho2926d ago

While I tend to disagree with a lot of the points made here, this is a very well thought out and written piece.

RedDevils2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Does anyone got a "Error authentication failed" message when going online in Uncharted 3 today? I keep getting it I wonder do anyone have the same problem

Edit, Naughty Dog just said they did the server reboot which only take 10 minutes finally it back :P

fuzion17c2926d ago

According to their Facebook, ND is rebooting the UC3 MP servers right now. Should be fixed in a couple minutes.

buddymagoo2926d ago

What I want to know is what games people think are better than Uncharted 3 because I can't find any. On par I would probably say Batman: AC but still I probably say I prefer Uncharted 3.

kaveti66162925d ago


Basically, any game where I'm not directed down a very narrow pathway strikes me as being a better "game" than Uncharted 3.

Uncharted 3 is more of an "experience" than a game. Everyone should experience Uncharted 3 because it's well-made. But I just don't think of it as a game. Of course, before anyone chimes in, the same argument can be made against Gear of War and other games that are setpiece-heavy.

RedDead2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

The only fault I can give it compared to one and 2 is it pushed my suspension of disbelief pretty far. A bit too far. The story was same old too but whatever, the Sully drake part felt like the main attraction here. I think it stands up to U2 anyhow for the most part

Also the fire demons were crap compared to 1 and 2's artifact enemies

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2925d ago

Agree with Kavet

I mean Uncharted is one of the treasures of this generation. But UC3's linear design makes it less of a game than it could be.

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showtimefolks2926d ago

All the hate uncharted 3 has been getting it's nothing short of amazing. If someone didn't enjoy it than it's their personal thing but I thought it was grea, I didn't try online so I can only speak for single player

This article is well written but most of the others articles and threads are just fanboys or trolls

Knushwood Butt2926d ago

For me, it wasn't anywhere near as good as the first two games.

Looked pretty.

Still better than 95% of the competition though.

Eamon2925d ago

Agreed, it wasn't as great as the first two games.

I felt Uncharted 3 took away too much control from the player. There were too many scripted linear sequences and less freedom to make your own decisions. There definitely were some great moments in the game.
For me, I thought the only great parts of the game where the Young Nate level, plane sequence and then everything after the plane crash. The rest of the game felt like a rehash of gameplay from past games and a little repetitive.

As for the story, it didn't best Uncharted 2 that managed to have a decent story that fit perfectly with it's gameplay. Uncharted 3's story was weak as well as the main villains. Since Naughty Dog themselves admit that they write the story after finalise the list of set pieces the game will feature, I can see why story isn't up to scratch.

The train scene and car jumping sequences from Uncharted 2 were pretty much used again, this time in the form of horse riding. Fortunately, however, it was actually great fun to jump from horse to car, rpg enemy car, jump back to horse. But I hope in Uncharted 4, Naughty Dog can come up with new and original ideas.

SuperNerd2926d ago

ahhhhhhhhhh! sorry about that guys got to close to the flame bait

Christopher2925d ago

*** I’ve realized the simple truth that Drake’s Deception was narratively underdeveloped***

And stopped reading. Sorry, but gotta disagree 100% on this. Has this guy played many other games? For an action adventure game, Uncharted knocks narrative out of the park.

Perhaps he didn't like the narrative, perhaps he didn't care about the characters, but it was absolutely far from underdeveloped. Extremely far from.

MsclMexican2925d ago

agreed... I actually loved the narrative of Uncharted 3 more than Uncharted 2.

U3 felt more emotional, it had that Nate and Sully story that a lot of fans were curious about and I fell they delivered really well on that.

But people have different opinions. The person who reviewed the game for gamernode gave it 100, but this person did not like it.

It just annoys me how much gravitation we all have to one person's opinion who said they don't like it.

I don't know what it is, but it annoys me

snipes1012925d ago

did you even read his reasons? they werent bad ones.if youre not gonna read the whole article before you comment then dont take up space on here with uninformed comments. you and the many people agreeing with you.

sorry for being a dick but comments that talk about how someone stopped reading at the first part they disagreed with piss me off and are exactly why the c-section on this site is full of petty arguments.

IcarusOne2925d ago

You should have kept reading because he qualifies those remarks and backs up his opinion with very specific examples. I agree with him. This game's story left me very unfulfilled.

Christopher2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

***sorry for being a dick but comments that talk about how someone stopped reading at the first part they disagreed with piss me off and are exactly why the c-section on this site is full of petty arguments.***

I stop reading when someone makes an untrue and hyperbolic statement of a story being a 'failure' as well as 'underdeveloped' when it isn't.

Let me throw out some other lines that create a flawed argument.

"I assumed Naughty Dog was delving this far into the relationship because they were planning Sully’s death."

-- So, you assumed what you wanted and were disappointed, therefore the story was a failure.

"Uncharted 3 tests its hero’s mettle, with a subtle nod to Joss Whedon’s work. The difference is that when Whedon does it, you actually feel scared for the characters. When Drake is dangling from the back of a cargo plane and climbing his way past gunfire and a drop to death, something is lost."

-- Again, the user's choice to emote such feelings. When I watched SuckerPunch, I felt none of the action. When I played Uncharted 3, though, I felt the action, especially considering I was controlling it.

And, he quotes Yahtzee "There comes a point when you’ve beaten on a guy too long and his continuing survival starts to undermine any sense of genuine threat."

-- Yet, we don't care for the fact that our protagonists are literally soaking pads of bullets and brutal beatings throughout. Do we overlook Lazaravich and the people of the last two stage's in Uncharted 2 in this as well? How about the zombiefied people of the first? So, because they're massive people or well-armored, it's not believable all of a sudden? When did this stop being a game again?

"Creators are unsure how to make their characters naturally evolve, resulting in fantastical, almost farcical situations. Pirates of the Caribbean is guilty of this. So is Back to the Future."

-- The author forgot Indiana Jones in this list. Which, if anyone knows, is exactly how they want the player to feel. This is desired because this is the type of story that Uncharted is supposed to emulate.

I won't quote it due to spoilers, but the whole section on Much Ado About Nathan Drake? The author isn't getting the point. The point is that to us, what we've seen as goals pure to Nathan turn out to be otherwise. That he is childish in his goals, that he's lied to us and himself, and that this is a chance for him to grow out of this childishness.

So, no, they are not "worthwhile" reasons we haven't heard many times already. Hell, he pretty much could have typed "/agree with Yahtzee" for the article itself and it would provide just as much growth. And, even then, Yahtzee breaks down everything, even the games he enjoys (such as Uncharted 3). Yahtzee knows he's a cynical man who has the hardest of time finding the good in things.

Uncharted 3 is not a failure nor is it underdeveloped. There was no need to read beyond the authors hyperbolic and dull writing after seeing that. Same as I don't need to read past an article that contains "We know the 360 has no games" or "We know the PS3 is not secure". It's flamebait, hyperbolic, and intended to just get hits. A real journalist would bite his tongue and tend to his words better rather than stooping to such methods.

snipes1012925d ago

"I assumed Naughty Dog was delving this far into the relationship because they were planning Sully’s death."

Not the most well worded sentence I will conceded, but after that he mentions something I think hits the nail on the head:

"This game does a wonderful job illustrating who this mustachioed Paul Newman character is and what he means to Drake. Destroying that relationship would therefore create true turmoil in a game that otherwise paints its heroes as mobile punching bags with unending stamina."

For as well-scripted and human the characters of Uncharted may seem and for all the humanity (yes, a little redundant) they exhibit, it's hard to ever genuinely worry about them because no matter how dire, how slight their odds are, they ALWAYS escape. No one of any consequence has ever suffered a fate beyond a few bruises or broken bones in all three games and if Naughty Dog wants to add some true emotional weight to their franchise, it's high time we saw some heavier consequences for this calamity that takes place in these games.
"-- Again, the user's choice to emote such feelings. When I watched SuckerPunch, I felt none of the action. When I played Uncharted 3, though, I felt the action, especially considering I was controlling it."

This is simply a differing of opinions here and can't really be proven to be totally right or wrong. This is an opinion piece and you should start to cope with the fact that of the billions of people on the face of this earth, some will not see things the way you do.
"-- Yet, we don't care for the fact that our protagonists are literally soaking pads of bullets and brutal beatings throughout. Do we overlook Lazaravich and the people of the last two stage's in Uncharted 2 in this as well? How about the zombiefied people of the first? So, because they're massive people or well-armored, it's not believable all of a sudden? When did this stop being a game again?"

I think his point here is not that these are bad things, it's just after 3 games of this continuous "by-the=seat-of-his-pants " chance survival, Drake and his gang really doesn't emote any feelings of worry like they would if someone, perhaps, did die or become seriously harmed (Elaina's wound at the end of the second game was a decent example of this).
"I won't quote it due to spoilers, but the whole section on Much Ado About Nathan Drake? The author isn't getting the point. The point is that to us, what we've seen as goals pure to Nathan turn out to be otherwise. That he is childish in his goals, that he's lied to us and himself, and that this is a chance for him to grow out of this childishness."

I'm not sure what you are saying here, but I kind of agree with both sides. Yes, his revelation of sorts does set the stage for some growth in his character but, like the author said, it is brushed aside almost too quickly to make any kind of impact. Had it been brought up again in the game, it would have been great, but I just felt it was too fleeting a moment.
All in all, I can see your point in saying "did we forget this was a game?" But at the same time you have to give Naughty Dog props for creating a character actually WORTH talking about. Why do you think articles like this aren't written about other characters like Soap, Master Chief or Nathan Hale? None of those characters have anything on Drake and his gang. As games mature, our criticisms of them are going to grow with them beyond the "good/ bad mechanics or graphics" and I don't think anyone should just keep their mouth shut for sake of not rocking the boat. This is not as flamebait as you say it is if you ask me.

Christopher2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

***For as well-scripted and human the characters of Uncharted may seem and for all the humanity (yes, a little redundant) they exhibit, it's hard to ever genuinely worry about them because no matter how dire, how slight their odds are, they ALWAYS escape.***

And why is this a problem with Uncharted that it needs to be criticized by many people and not for most other games? The problem is that people are forgetting that first and foremost, Uncharted is a game. It's not a show like 24 that survives on making everyone look like they could be the next to get killed or betray Jack Bauer. It's not a movie that has no qualms killing people off to emote a feeling from the audience.

We're talking about Nathan's Daxter, Clank, and Luigi here. In the first game we thought he was dead and people were happy when he wasn't. In the second game, he became one of the most iconic characters of the series. To kill him off just to fulfill some user-derived need to feel more attached to the characters as humans? Last time I checked, that's not what the game is about.

As I said, look at the Indiana Jones movies. Who dies, who lives, and do you ever feel that Indiana or his sidekick in the movie is going to die? No, you don't. But that doesn't make it any less enjoyable or poorly written for the type of movie it is.

You see, where you say "write about" I say "criticize." Why? Did you not see the title of the article? Did you not read how he claimed the writing to be underdeveloped? Did you not see how he continued to reference them as flaws when they were all based on his opinion and expectations, not on the quality of the writing as it pertains to the genre.

Last time I checked, constructive writing didn't use such hyperbolic words. Writers who discuss topics like this don't berate the game in such a harsh manner because people forgot, crap, I'm playing a game where the characters are symbols of said game and normally aren't killed off just to fulfill some need of momentary emotional attachment to a character that otherwise would go on to be seen as a living figure of the series.

snipes1012925d ago

As I mentioned, it is an opinion piece, a column. Anything that is put out can be put up to criticism of any sort. Some people thought the writing was good for what it was, he, however, did not. I did not either.

The part of your comment that makes me think you didn't read my whole comment is where you say "And why is this a problem with Uncharted that it needs to be criticized by many people and not for most other games? " I said specifically in my post: the reason that the Uncharted games are held up to more criticism by a wider range of people is because they are worth criticizing in such a way. The plots in many action games are paper thin and usually inconsequential because the developer simply does not care about their characters and story like Naughty Dog does and as far as Uncharted 3 goes, it seemed to be the weakest of the three games in a narrative sense, despite the spots that made it shine (Drake's and Sully's relationship was good to me).

Here's how I will put my side of the argument: too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Uncharted 3 was entirely over-saturated with moments where the characters just barely escape. Whereas I got a thrill out of these in the first and second games, they are starting to wear thin. Yes, this is a game, but it is a very story driven game and thus the story has to be held up to scrutiny and when it is driven by too many of one particular type of thrill, it can just seem weak. You can't keep coming back to the "it's just a game" when so much of this "game" is driven by cinematics and story.

And about the Indiana Jones movies, those are not half as massive in scope as the Uncharted games are. The set pieces are bigger, the explosions are more bombastic and it has the advantage of superior technology to make it, to use a cliche, a more epic experience.

Christopher2924d ago

***I said specifically in my post: the reason that the Uncharted games are held up to more criticism by a wider range of people is because they are worth criticizing in such a way.***

I read it, I just don't agree with it. It's a lazy excuse. When I ask such a question, it's not to say that I ignore you, but to lead into my little rant. Kind of like how I actually read the whole article in question, but my original post was written in a manner to show my feelings towards the author's writing.

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BinaryMind2925d ago

When he mentioned that its "epicness" was one the weakest parts of the game, I stopped reading.

Jonah_Reese2925d ago

I stopped reading when he talked about he didn't understand what the endgame was for Naughty Dog to delve into Sully and Drake's relationship. Obviously he doesn't recognize character development.

IcarusOne2925d ago

So explain that endgame then. What do we know about Sully & Drake that we didn't before? And we do learn about them that directly expands upon the Uncharted theme or deepens the player experience?

It was all fluff. Superfluous, unnecessary fluff. And worst of all, it went absolutely no where.

orange-skittle2925d ago

Not only was it well written, it was ALL TRUE!! I too ran out at midnight to get this game and was so bored when I saw ANOTHER CURSED TREASURE I turned it off. I am 92% complete and those disappearing demons turned me off. When is this going to stop? They have done this cursed treasure since the beginning and it got stale and boring. I also noticed that every remote location Drake landed, Marlow's soldiers were already there waiting. Drake wandered in the desert for days to com upon an abandoned city, just to find it occupied AGAIN by Marlow's goons. It was almost as if they followed Drake and knew his every move. It was repetitive and corny at times. They never elaborated on why she said Drake wasn't his real last name either. Part 2 was better

ryhanon2925d ago

I agree UC2 was better, and I was also disappointed in the narrative of UC3.

That said though, the treasure was not cursed. The "demons" are explained, and if you're not a fan of the cursed treasures and monsters of the previous UC games, UC3 actually handles that much better. Just keep playing it to see for yourself.

SnotyTheRocket2925d ago

Drake was on a drug, "demons" = not real

orange-skittle2925d ago

Ok, Thanks guys(Ryhanon & Snoty). I will continue the game. I was so pissed off when I saw that. Hopefully they hear the fans criticism and make the next adventure just as great as part 2 was

Kinetix2925d ago

I couldn't agree with you more. I love the UC series but this one is no where as good as the other 2.

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StraightPath2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I agree not as good as uncharted 2 but was a great game. Nothing to amazing though. Play it second time on crushing and you will see the weakness. Story forgettable many gameplay errors and somewhat linear and constricted gameplay.

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LOGICWINS2926d ago ShowReplies(3)
dc12926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Well written the article may be...but flawed none the less.
(as a side note.. all articles should be written well)
Consider that the writer cannot/well not provide a contrary counterpoint from a gamming perspective. Which game stands the scrutiny that the writer lays at the feet of U3?
And, if the writer is merely pointing out the narrative driven flaws that he/she identified in U3, why not contrast it with other narrative driven games? Why not praise U3 for moving the game genre closer to the depth and storytelling craft associated with most Oscar nominated movies? (...and please don’t twist what I just said).

It’s easy to tear something down.. some of the smartest 'crafters of opinion' do it every day in the political spectrum.
Lastly, U3 is a game. It’s a 3rd person shooter to be specific. So don’t knock it for telling a story and directing the player through the events of said story. That’s what we paid for (ie.. not a sand box)
Did we here the same complaints from Mario Galaxy, Halo (all), Gears of War or God of War, Zelda, Mirror’s edge or every single First person Shooter in existents? The list of narrative directed games comprise of nearly 99% of all games created (unscientific of course).
The exceptions being but not limited to:The Witcher, Elder Scrolls, GTA and most sand box driven series.

The true test of a good article is not only to have a well articulated opinion, but to present it in the most objective way possible.
Unless of course the goal is to be a shock jock....

Please feel free to share your thoughts, I will monitor this post and will respond to any rebuttals.

Thanks -

Rynx2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

It's pretty much unanimous that UC3 is the most hated on game this gen. Before that it was GT5, and before that it was MGS4. Hmmm they're all PS3 exclusives.

Buttons2926d ago

You have no idea what you're talking about; the Uncharted series is probably one of the most loved games this gen...on the other hand MW3 is probably the most hated.

PhantomTommy2926d ago

Dude give me a break, UC3 has problems, but no one hates it, it's just that people like you blow it way out of proportion, no game is flawless.

Dante1122926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

@ Button

I gotta agree with Rynx. Uncharted 3 is the most highly rated yet still hated on game of this gen. I could bring up atleast 10 articles from Gamersmint dumping on UC3 alone.

Also Button, MW3 hated on by gamers or the media? Because I could've sworn that it got more love from the media than UC3 did.

colonel1792926d ago

I don't think is being hated on. A lot of people love Uncharted as a franchise but the same who love it (myself included) were disappointed by Uncharted 3. Naughty Dog might have thought that what made U2 successful was the action scenes, so they made tons of them in Uncharted 3. They were wrong! People like Uncharted because of its characters, because of the story that had been developed during Uncharted and Uncharted 2 with Elena, Sully and Drake. Then they introduced Chloe, and did it right so people care about her character too.

The fact that Naught Dog missed on a lot of things (which were very well pointed out in the article) is what has fans upset with the game. It is obviously a good game to have fun, and it has this awesome action filled sequences Uncharted is known for, but it lacks that special bond between ALL the characters. It lacks Story.

I am sorry I cannot decent my point very well, since I am not very good at writing and english is not my first language, but for someone who is truly an Uncharted fan, will understand my point. Hopefull Naughty Dog makes another Uncharted, but this time they should take three or four years to really plan and write the story so they can do it the best they can. We all know they can do the graphics, and the sequences, and the gameplay, but they need to really think through the story and think about where they want to take the franchise to: glory or oblivion.

h311rais3r2926d ago

The reason it's hated is because people treat it like the end all of all games and it is FAR from that. I've enjoyed it but there have been way better releases this year.

RufustheKing2926d ago

if you think UC3 and MGS4 are hated then you been spending to long with morons. UC3 was the worst Uncharted game yet is this one of the best games of the year which tells you alot of what Uncharted games are like. MGS4 is not as stealthy as the first 3 games but is a very good game.

Uncharted 3 gets a 9/10 the story and it's lenght was main reason for a 9 instead of a 10

MGS4 gets 9/10 aswell but for different reasons.

i don't have GT5 so can't comment on it.

Dante1122926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

@ RufustheKing

MGS4 not stealthy than the first three games? There were levels and chapters dedicated on not being seen (when you had to follow a guy to find Eva, sneaking in Liquid's compound and later his ship, sneaking past war zones, specifically when you had to rescue Naomi from the mansion while the Guerrillas and PMCs went at it, etc). You must've just ran through the entire game like Rambo.

Edit: @ FatOldMan

Really? Multiplats hated on by the media the same as PS3 exclusives? Because I could sworn that even when you couldn't finish Skyrim on the PS3 because of bugs and lag (still can't at some points as far as side quests), that it hardly got bashed with criticism other than the "Yeah it sucks but they will fix it, don't worry" articles. Meanwhile "Gamebreaking UC3 glitch" when it really wasn't gamebreaking, "Graphics look terrible, PS3 showing it's age", etc.

Rynx2926d ago

lol some of you guys missed the point with my comment. Key phrase in my comment was "hated ON". I for one loved UC3 and MGS4 (haven't spent enough time on GT5) but there's no denying that the sheer amounts of articles trying to downplay on the games I mentioned far exceeded any other game this gen. I really can't think of any other game, whether multiplat, on Nintendo's or Microsoft's platform that has garnished sooo much negative attention. My earlier comment was merely an observation on the media this gen, which is really not much of stretch for anyone else to see.

aquamala2925d ago

It's a "hated" game because I saw all these 10/10 scores and praises for it to be goty, yet after I finished it, I realized its not even my top 5 games of the year. I enjoyed arkham city and skyrim far more this year.

And then you have the ps3 fanboys here that think only their exclusives are good games.

+ Show (6) more repliesLast reply 2925d ago
plmkoh2926d ago

The reason why Uncharted 3 attracts all these type of articles is because it is too well realised as a game, to the point that people begin comparing it to mediums beyond video gaming as there is nothing that exists on par with it.

If anything, perhaps unintentionally, every piece of criticism drawn from outside of video games is ironically high praise of Uncharted and proof of its phenomenal success.

Fylus2926d ago

That is EXACTLY what I was thinking about all this UC3 media hate.

dc12926d ago

However, it doesnt make it ok to do so (I know your not saying that it does).

A-Glorious-Dawn2925d ago

They will complain that its too movie like, while complaining that there's not enough game.

I for one was sold on chapter 2. Cartagena is the city of my childhood.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 2925d ago
Hicken2926d ago

Well said. It seems as if people WANT the game to be bad, so they grasp at whatever flaws they can in order to bring it down from the high level it starts out at.

What they often- purposely- ignore is what you said here:

"Which game stands the scrutiny that the writer lays at the feet of U3?"

At the risk of sounding like a fanboy- like I'm not considered that already by some people here- there seems to be a different set of standards for PS3 games as opposed to games on other consoles. Whether it's GT5, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, LBP2, or inFamous 2, PS3 exclusives seem to be subjected to a level of scrutiny that other exclusives do not.

Back on the topic of UC3, I find it annoying that people consider the lack of "WOW factor" they experienced with UC2 to be a detriment. The game is no less well crafted, no less epic of a story, no less impressive technically. But because we were not all blown away by this game as we were its predecessor, the game itself is somehow worse.

As for gaming journalism, in another thread, one commenter questioned why people were frequently putting "journalist" in quotations. It's really a simple answer: when it comes to gaming these days, what passes for journalism is rarely better than the quality of a fifth grader's essay. And that's being generous.

There's no objectivity- or little enough of it- no balance, lack of facts, no proofreading... so many things WRONG with the majority of articles on gaming, that it's hard to call it journalism. Therefore, it becomes "journalism," which isn't taken seriously by those with good sense, and the people responsible for creating such works are "journalists."

Ducky2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Articles like these happen for each game, including multiplats.

If the author wrote an opinion peice about ArkhamCity or SkywardSword or Skyim, most people claiming 'PS3 hate' wouldn't utter a single word.

It's just making you lot look insecure at this point where any criticism is reponded with the "We're a victim of the media" card.
That, and I'm surprised you bothered to make a 'journalist' rant when the author presented his point in a pretty good manner.
(The WOW-factor wasn't even an issue)

As for the opinion piece itself, I was a bit disappointed to see that the points were mainly a repeat of Yahtzee's comments.

ryhanon2926d ago

"there seems to be a different set of standards for PS3 games as opposed to games on other consoles"

I own both a 360 and PS3 and most of the major exclusive titles for each. I can't say that I hold all PS3 exclusives to a different set of standards - but I will say I hold the Uncharted games to a different set of standards. Why? Two main reasons: 1) Because Naughty Dog has set the bar so damn high already and 2) Because, from a narrative perspective, I genuinely care about the characters they've created. They did such a masterful job in UC1 and UC2 that to see them (in my opinion) falter and stumble in the narrative department with UC3 was a disappointment.

If people hold some PS3 games to a higher standard it's not always because they're fanboys or "xbots" - sometimes it's just because those games mean more to them and so they feel more strongly about them, for good and for bad.

The only people that are fanboys are the ones that can't recognize valid criticism when it's made against something they hold in high regard. The fanboys are the ones that can't see anything wrong with the things they like.

LOGICWINS2926d ago

"Therefore, it becomes "journalism," which isn't taken seriously by those with good sense, and the people responsible for creating such works are "journalists."

Thats the funny thing about journalism. Journalists don't need you to take them seriously...all they want you to do is pay attention. They've taken notice that every time criticism of Uncharted 3 is brought up, people(like the ones on N4G) react in vigorous fashion.

This is probably the reason for the multitude of UC3 hate articles...hits. When people stop acting like UC3 is their first born, we will see less and less of these articles.

2926d ago
Hicken2926d ago

@FatOldMan It's nothing new. PS3 games- and the system itself- have been unduly criticized for years now. This isn't to say that SOME criticisms were not well-deserved, or that ALL media coverage was negative. But tell me: when has a Gears of Halo or Zelda or Mario game gotten a 4/10? When have half-assed reviews for Forza or Metroid been admitted into Metacritic when the review only covered PART of the game?

Am I only allowed to complain about bad journalism when it's present? Can I not mention it in the presence of good journalism? Any idiot with two eyes can see this piece doesn't fit into what I described as poor journalism.

@ryhanon I've seen it. I've seen publications praise Call of Duty or Gears for sticking to their core mechanics, while Uncharted doing the same was being formulaic. I've seen Forza receive top marks as a racing simulator while missing features Gran Turismo has, yet Gran Turismo is derided while lacking features GT has. I haven't been using this site a whole year and I've seen it time and again here; and the same occurs away from here, as well.

I agree with your point about fanboys. It's true that they can't see the flaws in things they prefer. They also suffer no criticism of their preferences, either. I shy away from explicitly debating the narrative of Uncharted; I'm likely more forgiving than most in this area, and so I'm not qualified to give any objective opinion. But if it's an issue I disagree on- the gameplay mechanics, for example- then I'll speak up. It's just annoying to see people complain about things that are, at worst, average aspects of a very good game, and treat said game like it's an abomination.

@Logic Journalists that have no desire to be taken seriously aren't journalists. They're no different from politicians who try to sway you with pretty words to further their own agendas. There was a point in time where a journalist was one of the most respected individuals in the world. But following the tactic of getting attention has dirtied that reputation, and with the advent of the internet, anyone can publish a few lines and call themselves a journalist. That's not true journalism, though. Not what it SHOULD be, anyway.

@DK286K See what I wrote to rhyanon. It may not be every article and every author, but the bias DOES exist, and it has existed for quite some time.

As to A: This is a multifacted issue. Part of it is that you don't always have to play a game to understand its quality. Who didn't know the standard of quality Uncharted would bring? However, when reviews seem- and it's somewhat easy to tell- to be reaching for falsities to put a game down, it's natural for people to get upset.

And to B: Is it a matter of not being able to accept it, or not seeing eye to eye with the reviewer that sparks this? If, for example, I believe GT5 to be superior to Forza 4, yet a reviewer gives Forza higher scores, and his reasoning doesn't satisfy me, do I have no right to be upset? If this is happening frequently at a particular publication, and one system's exclusives are the target of the lower scores on a regular basis, is that not reason to doubt objectivity?

DigitalRaptor2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

No one formed a united group in 2006. That's insane, and no one is claiming that. What is being questioned is the fanboy development from the gaming media this generation. You've clearly underestimated how far and how quickly a bunch of fanboy propaganda can go around on the Internet though. Influence spreads quickly you know, especially on the web!

This is first gen where the Internet has been a driver of information and resources for these consoles, and where an opinion can be spread like wildfire and it will be all over the web, ready for other like minded people to pick up and spread around even more. The anonymity of the Internet means people can say whatever they want and remain an anonymous blog writer or a journalist hiding behind a corporate logo or trademark? People are not scared to show their bias on the Internet anymore and don't care if they become a bandwagon jumper.

The western media have changed into something undesirable THIS generation because of the Internet. Heck, even journalists are writing flamebait on "professional" gaming media sites. So many articles that I see these days are geared towards fanboys, and written by fanboys themselves.

Oner2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

It's a damned shame that Hicken and DigitalRaptor have so few bubbles...yet they have quite informative, valid and respectable comments with a rational viewpoint, while others who don't have nearly the amount of understanding nor rationality (but LOTS of clear bias) have more than enough bubbles...and "they" complain about N4G having a "PS3 bias" all the time. Yeah right.

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ryhanon2926d ago

(goes without saying, but there are spoilers below)

Nice comment. As somebody who (mostly) agrees with the author of the article, I appreciate that your comment didn't turn into "omg haters gonna hate" and/or "must be an xbot" or something along those themes (other than the minor implication made with the "shock jock" bit, but that can be ignored). I think it's important to realize sometimes people criticize a game not because they don't like it, but because they do like it and want to see it become even better. The Uncharted series is probably my favorite new franchise this generation, and that's part of the reason I criticize it - because it can be better. It has incredible potential that most games don't.

The only problem I have with the authors argument is the issue with the game being tightly directed - there being "no consequence" for death, etc... As you rightly point out, that's true of a vast majority of games. Sure, maybe most of them aren't quite so tightly directed as the UC games, but the general idea is just about the same across the board. And frankly, that's just the kind of game UC is. If you don't like that tight direction then it's just not the kind of game for you, it doesn't mean there's a problem with it.

Beyond that though, I agree with the narrative criticisms the author makes. I find it especially worthy of criticism because Naughty Dog came so close at several points throughout the game to really delve into some very interesting character developing moments and they just felt squandered.

I was happy to see the author point out two that bothered me immensely: Sully's "death" and how that was handled - and Nathan Drake not *really* being "Nathan Drake" - something that, when mentioned, was a *bombshell* of a reveal for fans who were probably just as surprised as Nate was in that scene. What happened? Meh, it was completely ignored and never explored again throughout the rest of the game.

One thing I'd add to the list of narrative points that bothered me... What's the deal with Drake and Elena and their rings? Wedding rings? Engagement rings? Are they Wonder Twins? What exactly is the story there? Every time it seemed like they'd explain something everyone goes quiet and the audience is left in the dark. I get it that it wouldn't necessarily be fun to have to "play" through a wedding scene or a failed engagement or whatever, but one of the things that makes the Uncharted games so damn great are the characters and Naughty Dog has to understand that the audience *genuinely cares* about these characters and what's happening with them. To simply dance around things like that is silly and makes it seem like Naughty Dog is afraid to provide answers because they're afraid to commit to any answers. The fact that the audience cares enough to criticize points like these speaks volumes to the quality of the characters and world that Naughty Dog has created. They just need to start delivering on some of these things.

dc12926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Really appreciate the response.
The points/criticism you bring up are valid and I agree that they should have been explored by Naughty Dog; I just stop short of criticism - primarily because I know that none of it was added haphazardly.
Specifically (**Spoiler**) finding out that Nathan Drake wasn’t.. Drake. I'm sure this was a tease and will be explored in great lengths at a later date (I'm looking forward to that).
With regard to Nathan and Elena's wedding bands: I agree that this should have been defined or made clearer to the audience/player... however, once again I will not criticize them for the vague definition. -Naughty Dog presented us with a very nuance and tender view into Elena's love for Nathan in the scene after Nathan washes to shore (Nathan’s reliance on Elena’s love was very apparent as well, even though he (Nathan) did not realize it at the time).
Lastly, I wasn’t to bother by Sully's death.. the last time we saw it was in U1 and I will bet the farm that if we see it again it will stick.

To be fair, my only true criticism is with the unexplained early mummification of one goons in the chateau chapter.. and the unexplored reaches of the secrete organization that Marlo belonged to.. was she really 400 years old.. why was she after the Jin.. when she had access to all of the intoxicating water at her finger tips? Yet again, I find myself hoping/holding out for the explanation of all things in the next game.

With all that said. The game provided a great ride without question (for me).

ryhanon2926d ago

I wouldn't hold your breath for an explanation of the mummified goon (I completely forgot about that actually), Marlow's secret society, etc... I'll be pleasantly surprised if they revisit some of those things and offer an explanation but, unless we get some single player DLC for UC3, I just don't think it'll ever come.

As for the wedding/engagement bands and Drake's true identity... I think they're considerably more likely to revisit and explain those things in the future. I was just left a little disappointed in how little attention these things were given in UC3.

Regardless, despite the criticisms I have, I still think it was fantastic. It's not my favorite of the UC games, but it's still right up there as one of the best games of this generation in my opinion and I'm eagerly anticipating Drake's next adventure.

Bring it on Naughty Dog! :)

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DonaldBeck2926d ago

the failings of unchrted 3


TheBlackMask2926d ago

Whats with all these "What Uncharted 3 FAILED at" articles

Obvious hate because it was rated so highly, shame Eurogamer had to set off that chain of events which lead to sites give it a "lower" score just to follow what they did for more hits.

iamgoatman2926d ago

What articles?

"Obvious hate because it was rated so highly"

Yeah, that's obviously it! Heavens forbid someone has an alternate opinion, you may not agree with it but at least the author laid out his personal view in a perfectly respectable article, which is something I can't say about your response. By the looks of things I doubt you even bothered to read it, and just jumped to the conclusion that all it's after is hits. If this was really true I'm sure just a few bullet points with a one or two sentence comment would have sufficed, would have probably saved quite a bit of time.

Besides, plenty of other times this year have been rated even higher, I guess we'll see an abundance of "hate articles" show up for those as well? Or does that only apply to this particular game?

modesign2925d ago

hate to burst your bubble. but i can only find a few people hating compared to the whole gaming industry and apart from this article, the rest were from so called "journalists" that dwell in there mothers basements. its ok to have a opinion but to claim that this is the most hated game because a handful (even less) of people cried about it doesnt hold any mustard.

iamgoatman2925d ago


I'm not sure what you mean?

Are you agreeing or disagreeing with me? Because what I'm trying to say is that firstly just because an article has negative points doesn't mean it's there solely to downplay a games success, and secondly that a couple of articles at most doesn't equate to the game being "hated on" to the extent some people here are claiming it is, which is basically your last point.