Battlefield 3 - No plans for VOIP PC changes; bad business to properly fix it

DSOGaming writes: "Now that’s really hilarious. As you may already know, Battlefield 3 does not properly support VoIP. Yes, you are still able to use it but that’s thanks to Battlelog as DICE’s platform offers this feature and not the game itself. Of course, there are various issues due to this decision and it seems that DICE is not willing to fix them by properly including VoIP support to Battlefield 3. The reason? It’s bad business. Wait what?"

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GamerSciz2929d ago

First off, your headline "bad business" is not the words they use. Quit trying to get hits. Secondly, I am guessing they are meaning that the game would have to have a large patch or even be reinstalled in order to get VoIP in the game itself. Not sure exactly but I can understand how from a business perspective that would not be taken kindly from us gamers. Thirdly, it does suck to not have VoIP but, I just end up using Teamspeak and Vent to talk to my friends.

Maybe in the future something will be changed but no one seems to be complaining that much considering the game is still packed all the time with 64 player servers full daily...

john22929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

And you believe that a VoIP support will need a large patch or the game to be reinstalled? How naive you are.

Guess you were not around when Glide patches were floating around that included different API paths for mere MB's, something that is even more complicated than adding VoIP.

All in all, DICE is simply keeping VoIP to Battlelog because it's their 'IWNET' and they want to promote it by all means. That's the reason and not the fact that it's too complicated or that it will need a large patch or whatever

fluffydelusions2929d ago

Doesn't really bother me too much. I mainly just use built in chat anyway + team speak is available if you want it.

Trunkz Jr2929d ago

TeamSync? The crap is that? Maybe he meant Teamspeak?

john22929d ago

TeamSync is a BF3 Squad-VOIP solution

CaptCalvin2929d ago

Having to install a large patch so that I can use a proper multichannel VOIP like they had in BF2 would not get me, or anyone for that matter, to return the game or protest in anyway. I would take it ever so kindly thank you very much. I can't see why this would be bad business for us consumers when they take time to add desired features into products that we bought.

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Flashwave_UK2929d ago

LMFAO looool špinavá špinavá kostky EA suck