Nintendo Wii Conference Videos

As you all know by now Nintendo held a press conference yesterday in which they announced that the Wii will launch on November 19 in North America with an MSRP of $250 US. Here are a few cool videos from the press conference.

A quick tour of the Wii Event room

 A demo of "Channels" for the Nintendo Wii.

A demo of the photo and video functionality of the Nintendo Wii.

A demo of the Mii channel, during which the presenter
creates an avator for Samuel L. Jackson:

A first party game from Nintendo to be included for free as part of the Wii Sports pack.

Zelda & Excite Truck on Nintendo's Wii including packaging of games.

A minute of Mario

 This patient is in some serious trouble

 Nintendo announced a new addition to Wii Sports: Boxing.

  Kudos - Kotaku and Go Nintendo (via

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Nodoze5008d ago

In video 4, where the presenter is creating samuel L jackson, about 3/4 of the way through they pan to the camera guy. Is it just me or is that Microsoft's J Allard???


Darth Gamer5008d ago

I think you nailed it. Now we just need a line of where's J. Allard books and we'll be all set.

Arsenic135006d ago

i hade a dream i gt a Wii, but then i woke up !

Asylumchild5006d ago

Enyone hear enything about the mic????

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