Exclusive: XBox Next chip just taped out

Remember when we told you about the upcoming Xbox Next chip that was quite imminent? It looks like SemiAccurate’s moles were right on target, and some sources are now telling us that it just taped out.

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potedude2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I keep reading article about it being released in 2013 and then it not being released in 2013. Each time I read an article I keep swapping my mind.

Either way, I guess there is one coming at some time in the future. This is my prediction!

jaosobno2924d ago

It's 2013, im 99% sure.

I'm so psyched about next gen! :)))

Arksine2924d ago

I hope the rumors aren't true about it being a Trinity core. Right now Intel is absolutely smoking AMD in x86 performance. Its not exactly a good idea to use x86 in a console, but if you're going to do so don't use AMD.

Also, Global Foundries is having some major issues with their 28nm process forcing AMD to cancel their next generation APUs with them. AMD has to redesign those processors for TSMC's gate-last process.

AMD(ATI) GPU's are great, and there is nothing wrong with MS going that route. But please stay away from their processors until they get their stuff together.

cyguration2919d ago

Completely agree.

I adore Nvidia's muscle-car type approach to GPUs, but they would be dire in a console...I can already imagine lots of hardware overheating and issues.

ATI's Xfire setups are a lot more reliable and remind of Japanese production cars tuned for sports racing. Fast, small, sleek and long lasting.

I also completely agree about the AMD CPU setup...the better combination would be a ATI Xfire GPU setup with an Intel Hex-Core CPU setup.

MaxMurdoch2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

This website is 10x more likely to be right than some of the misinformation that has been posted recently about this topic. This isnt some delusional guy yapping about ARM cpus in the next xbox or some other nonsense like that. These are people that understand the industry, and the technology behind it.

take a look through their forums. Nerds and geeks, but they know their stuff. And this guy broke several stories early about all kinds of hardware.

Agent Smith2924d ago

But they're only

MaxMurdoch2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

They are "only semiaccurate" because they post info from their inside sources. These "rumors" dont always turn out to be right, but a lot of times they are right on the money.

Sometimes known tech sites like anand, LR, etc, have inside info like this too, but they are afraid to post it because it could damage their credibility if it came up wrong. Bottom line is, you cant get info like this anywhere else, and while there is no guarantee that any of the info is correct, most of what they posted probably will be.

Jdrm032924d ago

the only thing i don't like about the article is their launch prediction....there is no way that Microsoft will launch in the spring/summer. Production will either be moved up to meet a Nov 2012 launch or it will launch in Nov 2013.

IronFistChinMi2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

The article states Spring/Summer 2013 at the earliest, not that it will launch in that exact window. Reasonable to me.

gamingdroid2924d ago

It also depends on if MS is doing a worldwide release.

MS wanted to do worldwide release for the Xbox 360, but they couldn't produce enough consoles. If this is true, then it will give them plenty of time to mass produce the necessary components.

MasterCornholio2924d ago

I love the articles on next gen systems. I wonder re what Sony will do with the PS4? I have a feeling that next gen the PS4 and 720 will be similar in power while the WiiU will be a lot weaker. But it won't be as big of a difference as the Wii when compared to the PS3 or 360.


hellvaguy2924d ago

I would think the flooding in Thailand (disrupting alot of the hard drive supply, aka the prices) coupled with MS stating that Halo 4 is a xbox 360 release, all but insures us there wont be a 2012 release of a new 360 system. Crosses fingers for 2013.