OXCGN’s Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning Experience


"If you’re a part of the minority of gamers who hasn’t purchased Skyrim yet, welcome to the club. Many have had more than enough time to play Bethesda’s Skyrim till their heart’s content but with no other recent RPG offering much in terms of gameplay and content can you really blame them?

2012 is already looking good...
Enter Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning due out February 9th, developed by 38 studios and Big Huge Games and published by EA Games.

EA Australia was kind enough to invite OXCGN along for a lengthy 2 hour hands on with the game, and what I saw was promising."

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BadCircuit2931d ago

It is good to see other RPGs coming out and a mix of God of War and Fable sounds quite interesting.

gaminoz2931d ago

I've never really heard of this game...and it's coming out in February.

Looks good actually.

rdgneoz32931d ago

I only heard about it due to who they have working together to make the game. R.A. Salvatore doing the story / lore, Tod McFarlen (spelling) the creator of Spawn doing artwork, and one of the devs who made Morrowind and Oblivion.

Belgavion2931d ago

Hadn't heard of it either!

godslayer4292931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

im excited

darx2931d ago

All thanks to Curt Schilling!

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