I am Alive delayed again

Ubisoft delayed again I am Alive from December 14 to Winter 2011/12. Currently no exact date.

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gintoki7772924d ago

Just cancel it nobody cares anymore - _ -

Christopher2924d ago

Disagree with your statement and consider it childish. There's not enough info on the game to care or not care about it.

And, personally, I always say that delays can typically only mean a chance for improving the game. Since it's a new IP, it's more than likely that this is the case rather than the usual delays with certain IP reboots *cough*DukeNukem*cough*.

ZombieAssassin2924d ago

WTF come on I've been waiting forever to try this game, lets just hope that they delayed it to add more to the game.

devilhunterx2924d ago

Should rename it to : I AM DELAYED

Raoh2924d ago


Quote of the week...

Avernus2924d ago

Not good if you're looking for sales Ubi. My interest in this game is getting less and less.

Trenta272924d ago

I'll buy it either way. It looks original, fresh, and just downright fun. Can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.