GamesEyeView - Batman: Arkham City Review

GEV Says: As our list of holiday reviews rolls on, we’d be remiss if we forgot our favorite Caped Crusader and his latest adventure. As the follow up hit to the legendary Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City has it’s sights set on bigger and better things. To say this was one of my own personal ‘most anticipated’ titles is a gross understatement. The truth of the matter is, I’ve been waiting for this game from the minute I finished Arkham Asylum.

What lies behind the walls of Arkham City will come as a a pleasant surprise to even the most hardened gamer. It’s natural for a studio to have a let down effort after such a monumental release. Simply rehashing more of the same from Arkham Asylum wasn’t enough for the folks at Rocksteady though. While Arkham Asylum may have been a seminal title in the Batman franchise, Arkham City is a genre defining title much the same way Halo 2 or Mass Effect 2 were. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves just a bit. First let’s discuss just what it is that makes Arkham City such a memorable experience.

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