Awesomenauts: 'PS3 isn't easy to work with, but Sony makes up for that'

Ronimo Games might not be an immediately familiar name but the young studio has produced a number of excellent games in its short history, not the least of which are de Blob and Swords & Soldiers.

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saladthieves2923d ago

Glad that these guys are receiving support. This and Sony's other decision to give a couple of indies free PS Vita dev kits was just awesome.

yesmynameissumo2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

"What's it like making a game for the PSN?"

"Joost van Dongen: It's great, because it allows a small studio like us to get a game released worldwide on the major consoles. Sony are really supportive, and their technical support is really good. PS3 is not the easiest device to work with, and Sony really makes up for that by answering questions quickly."

I guess titling the article "Making games for PSN is great" or "Sony are really supportive" was too positive.

EDIT: @SDF Repellent You really need to read the definition of defensive and try to understand it.

SDF Repellent2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Dude, you must be a newbe. How in the world do you expect N4G to survive with listing what you want to hear on the Subject title. 3/4 of the people posting do not read the articles but responding to "Catch Phrase" headlines.

Defensive much?

EDIT: @yesmynameissumo You really need to read past headlines that are 1000 degree plus and 200 plus posts and try to understand it. FIXED

KingSlayer2923d ago

So you don't know what defensive means. Lulz.

radphil2923d ago

"Dude, you must be a newbe"

The irony of it all...

Oner2923d ago

+Agree & +Funny @ egidem ~ You actually made me LoL!

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Legion2923d ago

defensive [dɪˈfɛnsɪv]
1. intended, suitable, or done for defence, as opposed to offence
2. (Psychology) rejecting criticisms of oneself or covering up one's failings

Looks to me like he knew his definitions of the word. Of course the "oneself" portion would relate to the fanboyish "we are one" nature of it all.

Legion2923d ago

"...and Sony really makes up for that by answering questions quickly." Really... that is all that is said. As if answering your questions quickly is a viable trade off.

KingSlayer2923d ago

I guess not answering development "How To" questions is better. It's much better to slow down development to wait.

Legion2923d ago

Answering questions is always good. But the point here is that trading development costs for production of a product that will be identical on another platform that does an equally good job of answering questions does not present a favorable production platform.

In english: it was an underhanded slap at PS3, without totally saying what they want to say which would be closer to... PSN development is costing us triple that of XBLA development due to the non-friendly structure of PS3 architecture, but at least they are answering our questions like MS is with their much friendlier system to develop for...

Neko6082923d ago

Legion... get a life lol

2923d ago
thebudgetgamer2923d ago

You got all of that out of one sentence?

that's amazing talent. Are you Kreskin?

Legion2923d ago

Kreskin has nothing on me... I am the original Mandrake the Magician. POOF... you are gone.

Persistantthug2923d ago

without a publisher?

Microsoft doesn't allow you to put you indie game on XBOX LIVE without a publisher. Therefore, if your an indie developer, you have no choice but to use Microsoft's publishing, which means less money for said developer.

As a developer, I would prefer Sony/PSN over giving money away to forced Microsoft publishing.

Just sayin.

Legion2923d ago


Have you tried to develop for Sony yet. You won't even get in the door. You can't even get a development kit without paying an arm and a leg. XNA is free and doesn't have a better group of people supplying you with free tools and advice while you are creating your project.

Sony deals with the 1% while MS gives their chance to all developers. (regardless of resources)

It cost $2000 for a development kit just to start with (down from $20,000 and then $10,000). Nothing really to larger developers... huge for small Indie work.

XNA is FREE. And publishing is $99.

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MasterCornholio2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )


I know that making games for the PS3 is more expensive than the 360 but three times more is just absurd. Which us why I am calling BS on your comment and are labeling you as a troll.

Developers would dump Sony if it really was that expensive.


Legion2923d ago

For the independent developer creating a game new for PS3 the time alone factors at a minimum 3 times that of making a game for the a system they are already familiar with. (which is the scenario in this case)

Obviously time and expenses will be reduced as familiarity with architecture is gained but it will not be able to meet, in this generation, the same level of the native architecture they are used to.

Try making a game for PS3 or for any system for that matter and then come back and talk.

My first game created took me forever as I was learning. But I reduced the time dramatically after that and still find nothing as easy to deal with as the Xbox 360 architecture. (PC is as much a nightmare as PS3 due to having to deal with the numerous system configurations out there... for me)