Xbox Live leads to Microsoft being sued

A case against Microsoft was filed on the 19th of Semptember, after the Prosecution company Paltalk discovered that Microsoft broke one their patents they filed in 1998 with the use of their Xbox Live service.

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darktangent5859d ago

Boy there is a market in holding patents. I have a buddy who picks up expired patents changes a little and resubmits them as his own. He has a couple relating to wireless cell phone advertising that Im sure we will see stateside soon. He cares nothing about ever bringing the patent to life, just holding it to someone else does it. Then he will send them a nice little letter saying pay me or see me in court. Well there goes the rumors that live might one day be a free service if M$ has to pay royalties for the Live service.

tackleb0x5859d ago

This is stupid. This is like someone patienting the idea of a website and sueing the world for making their own websites.

Jay da 2KBalla5859d ago

Who cares? This is microsoft, the richest company in the world. Now if this was sony it would be different.

kmis875859d ago

Just because Bill Gates is the richest man in the world, it doesn't mean his company is the biggest. Sony Corp is bigger than Microsoft.

DJ5859d ago (Edited 5859d ago )

The patent system is definitely in need of a major overhaul. I doubt the company will win, but stranger things have happened. No one would've thought that you could patent a motor with a weight on it, but we all know where that ended up. BTW, where do people get the idea that Sony isn't one of the biggest companies in the world? Microsoft makes operating systems and computer software. Sony, well, they make damn near Everything. Do a little research and you'll be shocked at how many separate companies actually make up Sony Corp. Hell, they even own half the movie industry. They're huge.

Back on topic though, it would suck if MS got forced to take Xbox Live down, or had to raise prices to cover royalty fees. The patent looks so damn vague too. Whether or not they'll go after Sony, I dunno. Sony isn't charging money for their service so...? Nah, they'll prolly do it anyway, just for kicks.

So stupid. It's like patenting the existence of good tires. -insert foreign accent- "ah, your tires are too good! You violated our patent for having good tires. Pay me in cash! Ha ha ha. Cha-ching, b*tch."

The Snake5859d ago

When MS got sued by Immersion for their rumble tech, they paid up and then bought a big chunk of the company's stock. If they end up settling this by paying this company, they may do the same thing here.

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