Skyrim Lag: How the hell did this happen?

In the weeks since the PlayStation 3 version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released, it has become clear that something is badly wrong. Now the game's publisher Bethesda faces some tough questions, which it must face without delay, and with absolute clarity and frankness. Serious accusations from frustrated fans are growing in volume; that the company knew there was a problem before it released the game.

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MsclMexican2923d ago

The sad truth is the game is broken on PS3.... it really is difficult to play.

For once ign is not BSing

AngryTypingGuy2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Did the update not work? I have the PS3 version, and it seems to be going OK. Maybe a little lag around Whiterun for a second or two, but nothing bad. I've been keeping an eye on my file sizes and they're actually going up and down now after the update, staying a little below the 6MB mark.

I can't wait to read the follow up article. They said they're playing multiple copies on multiple PS3's. I wonder if it affects all of them. I would hate to lose all the time I've invested so far, but if need be I'll get the 360 version instead.

EDIT: After doing a little reading, it seems PS3 Slims are performing better with Skyrim than the original PS3's.

nihonlight2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

The patch is like putting a band-aid on a boat.
Give it more will fail.
Also, that lovley patch removed...bloom lighting effects ,items, textures, made glitches, and stripped your draw distance. YAY!

AngryTypingGuy2923d ago

I haven't noticed any of the visuals being worse. Is this something that you noticed or is it something you read?

Andronix2923d ago

IGN make a great point. They received PC and 360 copies for review but no PS3 copy. Other multi format websites didn't receive PS3 copies either. Bethesda should answer why.

dark-hollow2923d ago

Bethesda: ok everyone! Just do a quick traveling around skyrim for 30 minutes, kill some wolves and just miss around then report if there is any bugs.

Q&A test team jimmy: but sir! 30 minutes are not enough to test a game on the scale of .....

Bethesda: jimmy you're fired.

MsclMexican2923d ago

Dude I honestly think that is how Bethesda tested this game.

I hit the 9mb mark and played for about 80 hours of skyrim. Every time I try to play the game it lags like a Motherf**ker. The game literally feels like a slideshow when im in the overworld or in anyone of the towns. The lag is not as bad in Riften, but in Whiterun and Windhelm? Jezuz it is really really bad. And this 1.2 patch made the game have even more problems.

Bethesda really needs to bloody step their game up, I could have waited for Skyrim longer. This broken game just ruins all the excitement I had for it and makes me feel like I got cheated out of a great game

Toenado2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I for one have been waiting for one of the major gaming sites to finally address this issue. When a gaming site as large as IGN bring this kind of attenion to the game, Bethesda has to reply. I am a huge fan of the series and of my ps3, but my game is now unplayabe.

I keep reading posts from people saying this is getting blown out of proportion and that their experience with the ps3 version is going great. well good for you. I wish that was the case for me. But its not.

I also keep reading posts about how people are going to trade in the ps3 version for the xbox or pc version. I admit the thought did cross my mind. But I refuse to pay for a working copy of a game i already paid for. Furthermore I do believe Bethesda knew about the issue before it shipped, and released it anyway.

NeoTribe2923d ago

Its really not bad. After a very long gaming period it can begin to lag baddly. Ive figured out if u save and quit and long back in ur good for another 5-6 hours.

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Focus2923d ago

Yup. Hardware limitation. Gimped for the Cell's pleasure

Janitor2923d ago

Wow, ign's statement about getting free access to pc and 360 versions, while having to get their own ps3 copy seems to make it obvious this issue was known prior to launch. Shame on them, they should offer to buy back every copy they sold, after this long patches are simply not enough IMO.

MsclMexican2923d ago

Its kind of like EA refusing to give reviewers PS3/360 copies of Battlefield 3.

Some of the reviews are ridiculous too.

Skyrim is great.... but in no way is it a masterpiece

cough *Eurogamer, Av Club, Gameshark, Wired* cough

D3mons0ul2923d ago

I think compensation should be in order.

If you're not going to fix it and refuse to try any further, you should compensate.

nihonlight2923d ago

Bethesda needs to come forward. Releasing a broken game knowingly upon the public then hiding is unacceptable. If it wasn't such a great game no one would care. But I got robbed by Bethesda....

kaveti66162923d ago

The game is not broken. The PS3 simply doesn't have enough RAM.

That's the issue. The game is fine if you run it on hardware with enough RAM. The PS3's RAM is divided.

Is that really Bethesda's fault?

The more things you change in the world, the more memory it takes to keep track of those changes, and the larger your save file becomes. This is not a bug or a glitch. This is how the game works.

The patches that Bethesda is making to the PS3 version probably has to do with discarding certain types of changes so that RAM isn't allocated to track those changes.

But that kind of sucks, doesn't it? What if you make a change that you think is significant, and then you save the game? Once you load it up again, those changes will be lost.

nihonlight2923d ago

Don't release it if it dosent work. Period.

kaveti66162923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Don't demand it if your hardware can't run it.

Console gamers need to stop feeling so entitled to everything.

You wanted the game, but you didn't want to invest in the hardware to run it properly. You got exactly what you deserved.

You have the option of buying it on a console. Are you one of those people who purchased it on the console without doing any research? Are you one of those people who posts, "Day one baby" or "taking a sick day to play this!"? If you are, then don't blame anyone for your irresponsible behavior. And more importantly, don't blame the developer for doing the best job possible with the hardware you demanded to play the game on.

Once again, this is not a bug or a glitch. This is how role-playing games work. If you don't like making profound changes to the game, go play Uncharted 3, where you can run along in a predetermined path, shooting enemies who all disappear a minute after you kill them.

End of Story.

christheredhead2923d ago

Kaveti6616 is right. Could you honestly imagine the insane amount of backlash they would have got if they did not release the game on ps3? This lag issue would pale in comparison to that angry mob. Honestly, Bethesda did the best they could in comparison to what they were working with. The engine has to remember every single detail of the entire world and it puts a strain on the ps3. Im not sure how else it could be fixed unless you upgrade the RAM.

Basically gamers will complain no matter what so it makes no difference. If they removed dead enemies, item drop etc for the sake of performance, gamers will complain. If they didnt release the game for ps3, gamers will complain. If they fit the entire game on ps3 but it has frame rate issues, gamers will complain.

refocusedman2923d ago

The lag issue only pales in comparison because people tolerate it. The fact is if u bought an ipod that worked for only 50 hrs you would be pissed,if you bought a tv that worked for 50 hrs youll be pissed, why should a video game be any different. When you purchase a product you buy into certain expectations (such as it being functional). I know gamers complain abt alot but, the truth is skyrim as a whole is damaged and it just so happens that on the ps3 its unplayable for a fair amt of people. I honestly dont understand how you can justify such disregard for the consumer. I would love for you to go to a restaurant and order food that comes out half cold just to have the chef tell you well we did the best that we could.

christheredhead2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )


Your entire argument is irrelevant to the situation. My point was, how can they fix it? The game keeps track of every single item in the world and the ps3 doesnt have the RAM to handle the capacity in the long run. Its not Bethesdas fault that the ps3 constricts the game. This also goes for the 360 as well, although it can manage for a little longer. Some people are running into lag and some are not.

Its not a disregard for the consumer in the least bit. The consumer was the one who demanded it and Bethesda catered to the demand as best they could. Their engine handles tasks and the world in a certain way which save all information. So, how is it their fault that the ps3 RAM can't compensate? I mean, am I missing something here? Ps3 RAM is insufficent to run a game of this its bethesdas fault? That makes absolutely no sense.

A more proper analogy would be like owning an old pc from the 90's and then complaining because it can't run bf3. Same sort of instance. As far as I see it the only solution would be to increase the RAM. Since you cant do that I dont think Bethesda is to blame.

thespaz2923d ago

You guys are idiots. There's no way the PS3 is storing everything in RAM. There's really not enough for that.

What it's probably doing is storing all the changes made to the world in the SAVE FILE and the information is streamed from that save file to the game AS NEEDED. It's definitely not all in the RAM. That would be retarded.

However, I don't make video games so try not to take what I said as fact. Only Bethesda knows what's going on in their engine.

People talk on here as I they designed the game an know exactly how it works.

Also, it's the developers job to figure out how to work around the limitations of the consoles. It's not the console buyer's problem. If a game is made for my console, I expect it to at least work. Running at 5fps is no longer a game...

christheredhead2923d ago


Yes, you're correct. Which was what I was inferring to, even though I wasn't 100% clear. Its engine related in reference to how the saves work with RAM, thus being constricted on ps3.

Here is helpful link.

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NeoTribe2923d ago

I must be playing a different game. It only lags after insane gaming runs. All u do is turn the game off and reload it and ur good. My buddy said he had the same shit happen and hes on xbox.

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