Leviathyn - Super Mario 3D Land Review

Nothing gets the nostalgia flowing through a gamer’s soul like a good Mario game. Regardless of your stance on Nintendo in 2011, at some point in every gamer’s life there was Mario, saving the Princess and putting that big oaf Bowser in his place. It’s not a stretch top say that Mario is to gaming what the Beatles are to rock-and-roll: he wasn’t the first game character ever, but he was the guy to push the medium into the spotlight. (Furthermore, imagining Mario with a Beatles-style moptop is damn funny.)

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DeeZee2925d ago

One of the best games of 2011.

schlanz2924d ago

Agreed. Of course, too few people on this site will recognize it as such.

DeeZee2924d ago

Yeah, the Nintendo stuff gets almost no love here. Like most of the reviews don't even get to 50 degrees. It's a shame.