The New Epic Game's IP Is "Not What You Think"

With the new Epic Games teaser trailer courtesy of the VGA's released, many of you might be thinking its another shooter or something related to that however design director for Epic Games has told us via Twitter that "It's not what any of you think".

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xtremexx2928d ago

We Need More VGA type shows, not for the awards but for the epic reveals.

Convas2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Truth. The VGAs are like E3 Part II.

gamingdroid2928d ago

Is it possible to watch them online or do you have to subscribe to Spike (I believe)?

xtremexx2928d ago

@gamingdroid i remember it being streamed, if you had to pay then no one would watch it lol.

DaveMan2928d ago

Agreed. 13 reveals, 9 of them announced so far. Not one reveal is something I would want to miss.

Angainor72928d ago

hey man, can you please tell me the other 2?

1). Metal Gear Solid Rising

2). Bioshock Infinite

3). Alan  Wake (new episode)

4).  Bioware (new project)

5).  PS3 new  exclusive

6). Epic Games (new project)  

7).  Transformers: Fall of Cybetron

DiRtY2928d ago


there are enough shows to present your games I think.

Pikajew2928d ago

Game is a WiiU launch title? No one will think of that

vishant1012928d ago

You just did O.O so it can't be that :P

MurDocINC2928d ago

I guess it's a kinect game now cause I would never think epic would do that.

Yodagamer2928d ago

don't be so sure, that infinity blade game was originally disigned around kinect

DaveMan2928d ago

According to Cliffy B's twitter he says the game doesn't feature Space Marine looking characters, so that's definitely a surprise.

I think whatever it is, it'll definitely be something that you wouldn't expect from Epic.

TheGameFoxJTV2928d ago

INB4 an adventure or puzzle game.

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The story is too old to be commented.