Studying Skyward Sword and Considering a “Skyward Sword 2″

DJP's Dan writes:

"Unless you are living under a rock, you’ll no doubt have noticed the deluge of games streaming out in the past month or so in what some dub as “silly season”. During said season of silliness, a certain green-clad legend reappeared after a five year absence. Of course I’m referring to Link and his latest outing in The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, which we reviewed here and gave a full five out of five. People around the world have been playing Link’s latest adventure and most people who are really into Zelda have likely long since finished it. As such, they now know all the ins and outs of the story. Once the credits had rolled, I got thinking. So many things happened in Skyward Sword that really set the game up for a direct sequel. The following number of paragraphs is completely theoretical and doesn’t allude to anything more than what cascades from my grey matter but it seems sound enough when I think about it."

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OcularVision2926d ago

LOL you'd have a better chance at getting Ocarina of Time 2.

Kur02926d ago

That would be amazing on Wii U.

Instigator2925d ago

Wouldn't that be Majora's Mask? Wouldn't mind a continuation of that, though.

Pikajew2926d ago

Nintendo never uses the same title twice for Zelda games. And it will be cool to see what happens after Spirit Tracks, it will be cool to see a steam punk Zelda game

Arnon2925d ago

You know I gotta say, for a crazy idea, I'd like to see a sci-fi Zelda title, that takes place in the future and you travel to different planets.

Just a thought :/

TopDudeMan2926d ago

The don't do that with zelda, do they, though?

user8586212926d ago

Well phantom hourglass was a sequel to windwaker so it is possible

DNAbro2926d ago

I think they mean a direct sequel like majora was to ocarina and phantom hourglass was to wind waker.

LightSamus2925d ago

Yeah, exactly this. Although not necessarily using the same engine unless somewhat spruced up. Seeing as the theoretical game would most likely appear on Wii U.