Bringing Mario's karts to life

Nintendo recently teamed up with West Coast Customs (of MTV's Pimp My Ride fame) to bring two vehicles from the upcoming Mario Kart 7 into reality. The game maker unveiled the working, life-size replicas at the Los Angeles Car Show last month and plans to take them on the road later to promote the new 3DS game.

Bitmob Staff Writer Alejandro Quan-Madrid got a chance to see the cars and talk to WCC's director of business development, Scott Voinovich, about what it was like turning an abstract, digital go-kart into something people can actually drive. Check out the special audio report he put together detailing the experience.

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Sadie21002927d ago

This is awesome. I can't believe they're street legal. They look dangerous as hell. Still awesome, though.

NagaSotuva2927d ago

Could West Coast Customs build a working Scorpion tank? I wouldn't mind driving around in one.

Shnazzyone2927d ago

Of all i've seen on these not one video of them driving around. It's starting to piss me off.