Gaming news in Photoshop form: Skyrim scorches Battlefield 3, Team Ico loses director, more

In this edition, Bobby Kotick uses the dark side of the Force to predict Star Wars: The Old Republic’s future, Angry Birds developer rejects Zynga’s buyout offer, and Ezio Auditore donates his clothes to Final Fantasy 13-2’s Noel Kreiss.

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Sadie21002928d ago

Ha, it'd be amazing if Ueda went to Nintendo! Nintendo needs someone like him, for real.

MariaHelFutura2928d ago

No that wouldn't be amazing, Ueda is fine right where he is.

THR1LLHOUSE2928d ago

Some awesome photoshops.

I'm very interested to find out what the deal with Ueda is...I can't imagine this is good things for the future of Team Ico.

NagaSotuva2928d ago

EA bought PopCap. Maybe Activision will buy Rovio.

Alos882928d ago

He hasn't announced that he has left, and he is still working on the last guardian.