10 Franchises That Should Go on Hiatus

GR's DeShaun Zollicoffer writes:

"You can have too much of a good thing. In the video game industry most publishers don’t know when to put a profitable franchise on hold, instead they milk it until it becomes irrelevant or broken. Here are ten gaming franchises that should go on hiatus for a few years."

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DrFUD2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I agree with all of them except Call of Duty.

At this point I view COD as a sport and every year's release is a new season.

And going back to play past titles online is like playing in different leagues where there are slight differences but the game is still the same - you can play basketball in Europe and it's still the same game as playing in the NBA.

ATi_Elite2922d ago

BF had been on hiatus for 7 years until this October. I'm not waiting another 7 years for it again. I expect a huge expansion pack next October! and another one October after next!

all other titles just wait the normal 2 or 2 and a half years between games. I'm sure Mass Effect will go on break for a while to cook up something big for the NextGen.

Except Call of Duty cause it is what it is... a yearly event like Madden.

Aloren2921d ago

2002 Battlefield 1942
2003 Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome
2003 Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII
2004 Battlefield Vietnam
2005 Battlefield 2
2005 Battlefield 2: Special Forces
2005 Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
2006 Battlefield 2: Euro Forces
2006 Battlefield 2: Armored Fury
2006 Battlefield 2142
2007 Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike
2008 Battlefield: Bad Company
2009 Battlefield Heroes
2009 Battlefield 1943
2010 Battlefield: Bad Company 2
2010 Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Vietnam
2010 Battlefield Online
2011 Battlefield Play4Free
2011 Battlefield 3

AngryTypingGuy2921d ago

Especially if the game is story driven, it's important to give them a rest. Assassin's Creed is already suffering from overexposure. Although in an industry that's expensive to make your product, as well as can't blame the game companies for wanting to milk their cash cows. But then again, at what price? Overexposure could prove to be more costly in the end.

gaffyh2921d ago

I actually agree with all of them, Naughty Dog needs to do a new IP for PS4 now, and maybe a HD Jak & Daxter for next year because apparently Sony are targeting a younger audience next year.

crxss2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

no, just no. what a terrible article...

the author's assuming we're like him and play every single one of these franchises. i doubt there are many people who've played EVERY single one of these so why should their favorite games be put on hiatus? plain stupid. plus, games like Halo, Uncharted, Mass Effect, Gears, God of War, and Fable (6/10) don't even come out with a game every year.

smh DeeZee, for everyone's sake just stop submitting/writing these.

Skip_Bayless2921d ago

If any of these games were able to make a leap in graphics then I would take it, but due to system limitations we're getting games that look and play the same.

malol2921d ago

yah why did you list all the damn DLC and half of those is free too
i can do the same for COD and since each one has like 3 or 4 DLC
its going to be a massive list

darthv722921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

"We get it—Xbox fans love first person shooters! But after the release of Halo 4 Microsoft needs to come up with another one.

Yeah its called Halo 5 and 6. It has already been stated this is a new trilogy. The 3rd game of the previous trilogy was in 07 so how long of a hiatus do they want? This one comes out in 2012.

Maybe the author doesnt get the idea of milking. Mario would be a perfect example of milking because not only is there the main mario game series but all sorts of spin-offs. Ranging from sports to RPG to pinball to fighters.

And this guy is worried about Halo 4????

Gears will take a break until the next gen engine is ready to rev up the action. Wow this guy didnt pull any punches. God of war too...sheesh.

The uncharted series is so good you dont want it to end but then you dont want it to end up like the tomb raider series.

ATi_Elite2921d ago

I got 23 disagrees......
but most post go on to say the same thing i said. that the majority of the titles don't come out every year (I said 2 or 2 1/2 year in between titles).

if you want these titles to go away for awhile well your full of Shite cause they are good games and i want good games NOW!

the money these titles have made can easily pay for a new team to make a new I.P. while another team cranks out the bread winner.

Call of Duty.....lets face it like many others ALSO have's a yearly thing like Madden and 15+ million gamers love it every year.

Devs/Pubs are not gonna just stop making these hot titles until gamers stop buying them. That's like Ford not making trucks anymore or Honda stop selling the Accord.

As long as gamers are buying these titles in the multiple millions they will continue to sell. Look at Halo for example: Bungie wanted to do something else but 5 million plus every release....No way you can stop. So 343i will be cranking out Halo until Xbox fans stop buying them.

you guys should be thankful and happy to get your favorite title every year or every 2.5 years cause:

12 years since Diablo 2
5 years since HL2 ep2
12 years between Starcraft 1 and 2
3 years Since STALKER COP
5 years since Guild Wars 1
9 years since Planetside 1

So stop Crying!!

Aloren2921d ago

@malol because ATI_Elite said BF had been on a hiatus for 7 years, which is obviously not the case. Even leaving out DLCs, there's been 5 standalone BF games just on 360 in the last 6 years.

IMO, that doesn't qualify as a hiatus.

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MaxXAttaxX2921d ago

Not literally a sport.
But COD is like sports games. Released year after year with minor improvements.
Yes, it's at that level now.

kneon2922d ago

Actually COD is one of the ones I agree with. They need to stop with the yearly releases, as should AC.

A release schedule of a new game every 2-3 years is fine, no need for longer gaps. But few games can sustain yearly releases for long without going downhill.

brettyd2922d ago

i actually look at COD the same way haha, its like a sport.

showtimefolks2921d ago

Uncharted 3 should be the last uncharted game on ps3. ND are extremely talented let them do a JAK or a new ip for ps3. Than bring out uncharted 4 within 18months of launch of ps4.

Gears series needs a breather also

AC UBI is a one game pony at this point, but in 2012 they have few good tit les so we will see but after this next AC game in fall 2012, UBI needs to make it go away and really work on AC 3 for 2-3 years. But knowing them expect one every year till it stops selling

Resistance series should get some rest and launch with ps4 done by a different studio

Killzone 4 needs to come within 18 months of ps4 launch so show what the tech can deliver

Those are the only 5 from top of my head

I am a huge Sony fan so if I like to see some of these very talented studios do something dregs every game is up to 3. Even ratchet and clank had 3 games on ps3.

Fable also comes to mind but the next one look very casual with kinect so not really caring

COD and battlefield along with medal of honor will come out every year done by a different studio like sports games.

One year is COD MW and BF
Next it's COD and MOH

BinaryMind2921d ago

Why would anyone want the guys at 343 to make an original ip? We don't even know if they can make a good game yet (a remastering of Halo: CE is hardly any indication). Bungie actually left Microsoft for the sole reason of creating something new.

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e-p-ayeaH2922d ago

Tenchu as been going on a hiatus i want it back.

ATi_Elite2922d ago

you know with all the FPS crap coming out it just boggles the mind that a great Tenchu game hasn't been made along with a Shinobi game.

Good to see Ninja Gaiden coming.

I do know for a while Activision held the Tenchu license but they sold it to "From Software" who made a couple of titles but Tenchu needs a big time studio to do it right.

the tech and fanbase is there. I just hope someone gives us more quality Stealth ninja games or just Ninja Games period.

Pikajew2922d ago

"After Mass Effect 3 Bioshock should take a break from the series."

I didn't know Bioshock made made Mass Effect

Saladfax2921d ago

A common mistake. It's published by Rockband North.

orange-skittle2921d ago

I think he meant BioWare. Doesnt this idiot know that Mass Effect 3 is the end of the trilogy. They are already working on another IP. Try reading gaming news from now on

SephirothX212921d ago

Lol. Funniest comment I've seen on this site. You've made my day.

dragonyght2921d ago

it think he mean bioware

cervantes992922d ago

Publishers will only put a series to rest when they are no longer profitable. If gamers want a series put on hiatus then they will quit buying it.

So basically this author wants every major franchise from this generation put to bed. That sounds like a great idea for industry disaster. Just because I may be tired of game A or game B does not mean other are as well.

Sales determine when a game has overstayed its welcome.

playboi282921d ago

But with the current state of things, if nobody buys it, a new one will never be released. While it's true that several series have gotten reboots later, a large percentage of them have been shelved indefinitely because of poor sales.

Also, too many reviewers give games that belong to great IP's inflated scores. This does not help publishers know that their product is becoming over-saturated.

Hazmat132922d ago

why the hell is uncharted on the list? if you just re release the same shit i would understand for them to stop. (call of duty) but its new with uncharted different setting, people, mission and different feel. but dont go all halo or call of duty on our ass, ND.

MsclMexican2922d ago

By hiatus he means that they should stop making uncharted for a while.... make something else... then come back to uncharted so we all OMGWTFBBQ.

Look at the Elder Scrolls.... 5 year hiatus and look what happened

Imagine when Half Life 3 comes out


P_Bomb2922d ago

Doesn't always work that way though.

Bionic Commando, Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein, Final Fantasy, Medal of Honor, Dead to Rights, Golden Axe, Alone in the Dark...all returned this gen' from a hiatus to less than exemplary results.

h311rais3r2922d ago ShowReplies(5)
death2smoochie2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )


First off...this is N4G.COM...Saying ANYTHING that may seem Anti-PS3 will get you in.....
I said too much.....

Muitnorts2921d ago

I agree with him. The Uncharted franchise is my favourite of the generation, but I want it to take a long break now.
ND can focus on something totally new and exciting then take us back to these character next gen and blow us away.
It's inevitable that if they stick with the 2 year cycle the law of diminishing returns will kick in.

KUV19772921d ago

If you see Uncharted as a multiplayer game then maybe there is reason to complain but as far as a story based game goes i didn't complain that the third Indiana Jones still wielded a whip, was hunting lost treasures and was even played by Harrison Ford who looked the same freaking way he did in the first movie. So, as long as the story is good and the gameplay is fun i don't mind another part. Also i prefer, no i demand, that they keep it linear too. Just look at Arkham City. Sure everyone loves it but I personally think the city is just empty and heartless and the constant grappling and gliding between actual stuff is so annoying and boring that i sure as hell won't bother for platinum and i will buy a third part as a budget title. And i really loved the first game...

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