Early Look at Max Payne 3 Tonight

Rockstar Games has announced with G4 TV that tonight a very special episoe of X-Play will show Max Payne 3.

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Criminal2927d ago

I rarely watch that show, but I'll have tune in for Max Payne.

TheBlackMask2927d ago

I can't wait to see more footage of Die Hard the video game /s

e-p-ayeaH2927d ago

You mean Die Hard 4.0 the videogame.

TheBlackMask2927d ago

How many times can you actually Die Hard anyway

jony_dols2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

What, do you mean Max Payne 3?

The game in which has been in development for the past 5 years by Rockstar, the same Rockstar that published & co-developed Max Payne 2?

Max Payne 2 Wiki page:

Developer(s) Remedy Entertainment (Microsoft Windows)
Rockstar Vienna (Xbox & PlayStation 2)
Publisher(s) Rockstar Games

Yup, the 'fans' of the series obviously know more about the Max Payne than the Rockstar & Remedy ever will. Anyway what do Rockstar know about making games, all they've ever managed to do is release shovelware titles such as GTA & RDR /SARC

jony_dols2927d ago

'While fans have been rather worried that the Max Payne series has moved on from original developers Remedy Entertainment, it seems Remedy have given new developers Rockstar Vancouver some advise along the way.

In an interview Gamespot, Remedy's Matias Myllyrinne revealed that the Finnish developers have getting regular builds of Max Payne 3 in order to give their feedback on Rockstar's work.

"We've been friends with Rockstar for a very long time, personally and then, obviously, as companies: we've collaborated on Max Payne 1 and Max Payne 2. When they went about building Max Payne 3, they opened up the conversation... They were kind enough to give us builds, and then asking for feedback. In that way, I think it's felt natural." says Myllyrinne.'

xtremexx2927d ago

i will watch G4 TV just to see this :D.

Buuhan12927d ago

I refuse to watch X-Play anymore. I've basically watched them since their debut back in the TechTV days, but their reviews, opinions, and general attitudes the past 2 years just pushed all the wrong buttons for me, and after strong disagreements with a number of new reviews and Morgan Webb opening her big mouth and putting down a whole fanbase (that I'm included in) was the last straw for me. I literally went "Done." and deleted the show from my DVR schedule.

I'm very much interested in Max Payne 3, but no way in fuck am I giving them ratings.

Attack of the Show on the other hand is awesome, tho I do skip the Game Break segments.

isarai2927d ago

DAMN IT!!! my cable just got disconnected. any chance someone could record the gameplay and upload it?

mafiahajeri2927d ago

Damn dude this isnt the stone age youl find it on their site and youtube soon after it.

OT I hope its MP really want to see what their doing with that anyway its R* anything they touch turns to gold.