NO BBC IPlayer For Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

The Xbox 360 Dashboard update is coming tomorrow (6th December), but while it comes with plenty of new features and applications for content providers, including 4OD and Demand 5, but the much-awaited BBC iPlayer won’t be one of them.

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MGRogue20172929d ago

Screw BBC iPlayer, I want YouTube.

Biggest2929d ago

Wait, what? Xbox Live doesn't have iPlayer, YouTube, or Lovefilm? Did Sony sign a timed deal with them or something?

gamingdroid2929d ago

They are all coming to Xbox Live now.

I'm not sure if there was a "timed deal" with Sony, but I have never once heard that even as a rumor.

As with the tradition, all Apps that come to Xbox Live is heavily customized so they tend to take longer to be released. I remember, Hulu Plus arrived on PSN first, because on Xbox Live, MS would re-design it.

monkeybizz2928d ago

It won't come in 2012, as BBC iplayer has to be made available for free (due to licensing regulations) and new flash Xbox live gold is not free. Ms refuses to allow premium content on silver.

Why o why2929d ago

If ms let all members have it it will be there. Its not going to happen unless all members get it. Its as simple as that

guigsy2929d ago

The only new app the UK is getting tomorrow is Lovefilm.

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