Call of Duty: The perfect video game...

With each game selling way more than most, are the Call of Duty games perfect examples of the modern "video game"?

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feel like slick rick, Heeeeeere we go

Majin-vegeta2927d ago

Lol excuse me while i vomit.

ape0072927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

im a die hard cod fan, hell a fan of MOH before activision aquired team members from EA and formed IW in 2002 or 03 and im absolutely disappointed about the direction that activision is doing, what the hell

mw3=boring and uninspired MW2, mw2 was much better, mw3 maps suck and mw2 and cod 4 were a lot more fresh than mw3, mw3 feel like the exact same mw2 but more bland and dull


Gamer-Z2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Yes but its fresh to all the casuals out there that didn't get into COD until Black Ops and compared to BO, MW3 must be amazing to them lol.

claterz2927d ago

That's the thing a lot of people on this site seem to ignore. Everyone on here says "CoD is boring now" because most of us have played since the start, but that's not the case for the millions of new players that start playing each year. Also I know CoD4 is a great game, however people talk about it as if it is absolutely perfect compared to recent Call of Duty games, however if you play it today you'll run into all the same problems, glitches, hackers, spawn camping etc. All of which were also around even when the game was still being supported by IW.

BuffMordecai2927d ago

I found Black Ops to be the better game; feeling some buyer remorse with MW3.

sonicsidewinder2927d ago

Flame Bait.

Aighh, too close! It burns!

Fel082927d ago

CALL OF DUTY: The perfect video game...NOT

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The story is too old to be commented.