Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Closes With Massive Rave Dance Parties

Last night the beta testing of Star Wars: The Old Republic came to a close, as Bioware prepares to grind the gears for the remaining ten days before early access in total isolation, in order to give the game the last rounds of polish.

To celebrate the end of the beta, invited testers danced 'til they dropped.

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Christopher2932d ago

Well, at least tomorrow's Beastlord update on EQ2 will hold me over till the 15th when we start early access.

ATi_Elite2932d ago

I've seen so many videos of people just having fun doing everything in this game even if what they are doing has nothing to do with the game.

I have to say organizing and playing Football and Soccer in SW:Tor looks like so much fun and now they have a big Rave going on.

I might check it out after the first big patch after release.

May the force be with you EA/Bioware!