GTA 5 story balancing: Serious and fun

There has been a lot of talk regarding the main character, setting and how big GTA V will be, but another important aspect is to balance the story correctly. It’s all very well having a game that is both serious and fun, but Rockstar knows it will be a fine balancing act to get things right – just hope they do not go over the top either way.

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Tanir2930d ago

needs to be atleast half as fun as saints row or san andreas for me to even consider playing it

YodaCracker2930d ago

The terrible graphics, physics, gameplay, story, archaic PS2 driving controls, and the incredibly bland environments that completely lack any sense of character ruin the fun of Saints Row for me. I want GTA V to have a rich, detailed open world with tons of depth just like GTA IV's Liberty City. I want Euphoria physics, a meaningful plot, and a deep, immersive experience. I don't want a bunch of repetitive and shallow mini-games added to artificially extend the length of the game.

Urrakia342930d ago

But GTA is typically made up of repetitive and shallow missions? And GTA IV's Liberty City had no depth at all. I ask again, since when is GTA all about the story plot and NOT the fun???

Micro_Sony2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

So you want to play a real life simulator...why not play The Sims?

I never understood why people like playing games with realism that feel more like your doing chores than having fun.

If your telling me that you had fun answering fun calls and taking someone to play darts or going on the internet in a game so you can arrange a date with a dude then you really need to start going out some more.

GTA 4 was a borefest and after the 6 mission you start to realize that all your doing is picking some one up from point A and dropping them to point B or to Point A again.

I fell for the GTA4 hype and no way in hell is R* doing that to me again. I was not even excited about the GTA 5 trailer and did not watch it util 2 weeks after it came out.

lzim2930d ago

@ micro_sony.. GTFO.

The Sims needs to die. Did you see their next expansion? Showtime! Yeah that's piles of awesome that is. facepalm.

Or just see YodaCracker's post. It applies to the Sims and all other sandbox games. There is no reason that verging on the 8th generation of consoles and with PCs with so much power, that you can't get a City Sim, including economy and passably realistic people you could stalk and see do realistic stuff during a game day or week. Between GTA and Saints Row, both franchises should have matured to that level by now, of at least in their next incarnations.

No one is asking for Saints Row to get more realistic though, that's entirely up to Volition and where they want their franchise to go.

Even Mass Effect which should be a sandbox game set in freespace with much more to do, and more places to go than follow the story. I ask where's Freelancer? You're a space cop FFS in a galaxy filled with evil and semi-evil people and machines, ingnore the big bad evil, or once you finish off the big bad evil, get to copping!

D3mons0ul2930d ago

There was a perfect balance in Vice City.

lzim2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Yes there was, and great characters too.

There's a place for mature content and situations, up to and including assassinations, suicide, fornication, state corruption etc..

But I don't see why the game had to be Serious in the first place. Mature content is one thing but trying too hard to be a hollywood style movie at the expense of the experience.. of playing a video game that's supposed to be exiting and not depressing was lacking from IV.

I don't get why there needs to be this whole 'message' within the game BS and crap that's just depressing to deal with.

IF on the other hand they added a DLC pack for Niko's past, that might have been interesting in the context of adding depth to that character. But I'm thinking the wholesale slaughtering of a village, and possible raping and baby killing would have taken the game to an even darker place.