PixlBit - O Snaking, How I Mourn the Loss

Nick DiMola of PixlBit defends snaking and mourns its loss after its exclusion from yet another Mario Kart, Mario Kart 7. He discusses his personal history with the technique and explains how Nintendo could've accommodated everyone with some more online options.

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klecser2927d ago

Play the game more. You can still snake somewhat, just not to the degree as in the past.

Another way to think about this is that MK 7 rewards players who think more deeply about lines and routes. Snaking may have been effective, but it also happened to be a way to avoid the mental challenge of how to race properly. So, it was effectively a "cheat" and for people who want to play without cheats, other players were making that decision for them. That isn't community gaming. Its selfish gaming that doesn't respect the "rule set" requested by others.