Playstation 3D Display: An in-depth review

"I read quite a few reviews of Sony’s new display before deciding to finally pick one up. After reading said reviews, I was prepared for a few things off the bat. I knew the display wouldn’t have the brightest screen out there and that there would likely be a lot of glare. In my time with the display, I have learned quite a bit more."

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buddymagoo4072d ago

Really good detailed review, thanks!

guitar_nerd_234072d ago

720p 3d for games is a limit of HDMI 1.4a standard, so isn't just down to the game.

With HDMI 1.4a in 3d its 1080p 24hz (bluray) or 720p 60hz for games.

radewagon4071d ago

You are very right sir. I will be updating my review with that information along with giving you credit for giving me a heads up.

N311V4071d ago

I LOVE 3D gaming! Can't get enough of it.