Final Fantasy VIII - Balamb Garden recreated in Minecraft

DSOGaming writes: "This is a great day for all Final Fantasy fans. Earlier today, we informed you about the remake - well, kind of remake - of FFVII with the Unreal Engine and here comes now the Balamp Garden from Final Fantasy VIII that is fully recreated in Minecraft. The attention to detail is astounding and the end result is jaw-dropping. This is simply art guys, so be sure to check it out. Damn, all these videos are making me wish for a proper, triple-A remake of either FFVII or FFVIII. Damn it Square Enix, it's about time to offer us one!"

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Squatch832922d ago

''We are unfortunately still out of hotdogs today'' lol

Nicely done.

grailly2921d ago

hotdogs?!? D:
my french version called them pretzels! My whole life feels like a lie now...
what was it in the original version I'm curious to know?

elbeasto862922d ago

I just started playing this game again (for the 10th time) over the weekend. This is awesome! :D

elbeasto862922d ago

Sorry, FFVIII. I tried playing minecraft but I'm not creative enough for it. haha

iamtehpwn2922d ago

This may sound strange, but she has an adorable voice.