RUMOR | New PS3 Exclusive The Last Of Us Might Feature PlayStation Move Support

Teased this last weekend and expected to be fully unveiled next week during the Spike TV Video Game Awards, The Last of Us might be a Move compatible game. If not a "Move required" one...

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360ICE2535d ago

RUMOR: The Last of Us might also NOT feature Move support.

darthv722535d ago

Sony has to make the Move relevant otherwise it would have been a wasted effort. A game that is dedicated to the Move and be a new exclusive could be what sony needs to stimulate support and sales. People are holding out for Sorcery but why cant there be something else that is new as well?


amazing. are you telling me, we might get a game with no new features!! basic gaming?? could it be?

Undeadwolfy2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

Ill just leave this here... again


Fishy Fingers2535d ago

Next you'll be telling me it might support 3D. Or one of the other standard first party features, like Move. Oh wait...

iWaggleVR2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

I wish Move support was as standard as you suggest. Uncharted 3 and Starhawk come to mind. :/

Fishy Fingers2535d ago (Edited 2535d ago )

I'd say the number of first party/exclusive games that support move recently out weight those that don't.

If its a new IP, which it is, Sony are more than likely have it tick as many boxes as possible. Personally, it would surprise me more if it doesn't have move support.

Picking a few games that lack support doesn't really make this rumour anymore surprising to me.

Nothing against the article, just rambling off my opinion.

pedo_across-the-road2535d ago

Sure why not, both Resistance 3 & Killzone 3 support Move, so yeah.

nyobzoo2535d ago

don't see a big deal unless it's Move exclusive but I doubt that will happen

LNDCalling2535d ago

Whatever did happen to that Alan Wake'esk PS3 exclusive game that there was a clip of ages ago (man with torch) E3 I think?

On topic this wouldn't surprise me and as long as the Move support works well / is well intergrated well i'm sure it'll be fine.. assuming of course that its a good game in itself!

Jobesy2535d ago

Wasn't that just a tech demo and not a real game?

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