Top 5 Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Tips

GB: "It’s been more than half a month since Modern Warfare 3′s release, and millions are already tons of hours into it, poring away on the multiplayer. But the online component of the Call of Duty games is not easy to get into- no, it takes time and skill and some common sense.
So here’s five tips for all you CoD newbies that might help you get more kills in Modern Warfare 3 than usual and less deaths."

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ian722923d ago

MW3 needs the lag sorting out. MW,MW2 and Blops isnt half as laggy.

JeffGUNZ2923d ago

What version are you playing? I am running it off the 360 and haven't had much lag.

Shubhankar2922d ago

^ This. Diss MW3 all you want to, haters, but you can never diss it for having lag, because that would be a lie.

ian722922d ago

I got it on PS3. It seems to take loads of bullets to kill someone and only one to kill me. Then when I watch the killcam its totally different than what happened.
I love the game, it just needs some sorting out online.

JeffGUNZ2921d ago

I have been getting mixed reviews from PS3 users. My brother and one of my coworkers informed me they have no issues, but some other friends I talked to said the connections are sporadic at best. COD always seems to not run as well on the PS3 as it does for the 360.

I hope it all works out for you soon so you can enjoy consistent game play!