GTA 5 Most Searched for 2012 Release

Botchweed: "Out of all the titles that have already been announced as 2012 releases and those that we’re still not sure of, Grand Theft Auto 5 is definitely out in the lead."

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wanderson752931d ago

I don't understand why sites declare games to be "most anticipated" six months before the real meat and potatoes of the year aren't even announced until April-June. Rainbow Six: Patriots is coming out in 2013. Are we going to call that "most anticipated" too?

EddyD2931d ago

Doesn't say most anticipated, says most searched ;)

Hanif-8762930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

It outta be because GTA IV is truly an awesome experience for me (Still is my favourite game this generation). I don't know what Rockstar does to make their games so great with so much attention to detail but all i know is that i like admiring every second of it. Hint: when the cars in GTA IV gets dirty you can see the streaks that the windshield wipers make etc. Therfore, with that said i can't wait for GTA V and with my only complaint on GTA IV is that Rockstar used that awful "Quincunx" anti-aliasing method on the PS3 and made it looked to damn burry to appreciate the finer details and making it Sub-HD didn't help either. Nevertheless, although the PS3 architecture was fairly new to them at the time.

lifesanrpg2930d ago

This seems to be the new report on "search" trends.


well it is prob a better trend to go by then the ramblings of the few hardcore who have the time to comment on forums.

the only thing we don't get is a good idea if they are searching for good reasons or bad reasons. If we could see what keywords were being searched (which we can) then you can see a lot more what people are thinking when they do their search.

Still this does not supprise me really. I mean I know from everything announced so far it's right at the top of my list for 2012.

ginsunuva2930d ago

That means goty 2012 right there. Searches = quality.

EddyD2930d ago

The article didn't say it was, lol.

M4I0N32930d ago

lol ginsunuva was being sarcastic, jeez come on dudes...

TheBeast2930d ago

It is just Eddy and his team trolling at him...

danieldeath2930d ago

LOL i almost forgot about this game ..

Pikajew2930d ago

Half-Life 3 is coming out next year :)

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The story is too old to be commented.