Sony: Core gamer will "absolutely not be neglected" as PS3 targets families

Jim Ryan of Sony says the PlayStation 3's price point is keeping back a lot of unit sales, and the executive also says they'll be taking the console toward a "slightly younger demographic."

Sony wants a "more family market." Ryan stressed the core gamer will "not be neglected," as they've got "great stuff" coming. Third-parties will "open up" the market for PS3.

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Chaostar2929d ago

There's always been 'family' stuff on PS3 how will this be any different?

It's not like Naughty Dog, Santa Monica, Guerrilla Games, Sucker Punch, Media Molecule, Polyphony Digital etc. are all gonna start making casual crap simultaneously ¬_¬

fluffydelusions2929d ago

Why I love PS brand...something for everyone.

TheBlackMask2929d ago

No....I don't want family crap on the PS3 or even the PS4

If people are gamers they'll buy a console you don't need to feed an audience shovelware and gimmick like controlers to reel them in

Sony...the PS3 is the only core console left

Nintendo left core gamers years ago
Microsoft did last year when they revealed Kinect...
Your the only one left

I know...I should have more faith but as soon as Microsoft said more or less the same thing before Kinect came out things took a turn for the worse

iamnsuperman2929d ago

Sony isn't leaving the core for one thing. Its about third party bring up the family market and not their main studios doing it. "Third-parties will "open up" the market for PS3".

Also Sony is a business. Making profit is the number one thing they want. No console is really safe with just the core. I welcome the family market because more money can be spent on games and hardware development.

Titanz2929d ago

Though people still target the Wii as a, "casual" console (when it actually is for everyone). After the black friday sales, Sony can't ignore the casual market.

Core gamers are guaranteed sales, but the causal market is where you can make an abundance of cash, because it's a bigger population.

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WhiteLightning2929d ago

Erm, guys

Why is he getting a ton fo disagrees, the guy has a point. Kinect took all of Microsofts focus away from the core audience and their loyal fans. Instead Microsoft cares more about money now. I wouldn't want to see family stuff in all three consoles, there has to be a balance, it's the reason why I never cared Nintendo took the casual path in the first place because we all had the 360 and the PS3, but the way Microsoft has been going over the past year Sony seemed like the console I would get my core gaming needs from.

Biggest2929d ago

There is a big difference here. Sony hasn't dealt with the same adversity as Nintendo or Microsoft. Before this generation both companies were dealing with a fairly rough console cycle. Nintendo didn't say much about what, if anything, they lost. Microsoft lost billions on the Xbox. Their marketing choices and RROD ordeal made it harder to recoup those losses. It makes sense that Nintendo and Microsoft (especially Microsoft since they're relatively new to consoles) would go after the most money as quickly as possible. Sony has been able to balance all types of games and content while neglecting any of its user base. The past says there should be no reason to worry.

Ingram2929d ago

@biggest, the past says there's no reason to worry? if anything, it showed Sony that a Casual Nintendo got their money from the gamecube back and then some.

Sony received such a barrage of mortal blows from every front when they released PS3 that they're now in the gamecube position.

I mean, they just recently matched 360 in sales, and as much as I want a hardcore PS4, I sadly think our fears of a Wiification of the PS brand are not totally unfounded.

Ddouble2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

There are already casual, dance and fitness games on the PS3 and there's nothing wrong with that.

The difference is Sony doesn't make that their main priority. The dance and fitness games they showed in Gamescom have already released but i haven't seen anything anywhere about them but when Sony has a core exclusive to announce you can be sure you'll hear about it and the majority of the exclusives they've released this year are all core games.

After seeing Vita's lineup and capabilities plus the exclusives for the ps3 next year, i doubt this will change anytime soon.

rezzah2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

You seem to misunderstand what the Playstation brand is all about............

Games for everyone.

Stop being closed minded.

Edit: I know this because I've been gaming on every PS plateform since the beginning.

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Fishy Fingers2929d ago

You'll probably see them push the PS3 more as a "cheap" option for familys/low incomes while they rev up for the PS4, which would clearly be the "core gamers" choice once it's released.

Basically, what they've gone this gen for the PS2/3. But with the PS3 being able to cover more bases, HD player, motion control etc.

Inception2929d ago

Sony can make family games as much as they want. But one thing for sure is they will never left core gamers in the dust like some company.

FlashXIII2929d ago

I'm by no means a fanboy but this is why I praise Sony.. they take care of their own first and foremost.. that's more than I can say for their competitors.

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