Battlefield 3: Why the Iranian ban is a good thing

Battlefield 3 was recently banned in Iran thanks to its depiction of Middle-Eastern conflict. But while censorship is always problematic, perhaps this will get us thinking about the real issues at play, writes BeefJack's Mark Ankucic.

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mousearmy2923d ago

Great, thoughtful article, no surprise then it's got a low rating on here. :(

k3x2923d ago

"thanks to Muhammad’s ethical code for the treatment of enemy forces during war time, we had a basis on which to build UN policy."

What a load of crap. I highly doubt the author's read any Islamic scripture at all; he's probably getting all his info from some Islam apologist or he's one himself. You might want to check up on your sources and do some actual research. The growth of Middle-Eastern civilizations, maths, physics, philosophy etc. precedes the conception Islam and the coming of its prophet. The Middle-East WAS a beacon of human advancement before Islam.

fei-hung2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Not sure how much the author knows about Islam or the Middle East, but I think he has the Prophet Muhammed's (p.b.u) constitution of Madina mixed up with the Quran's laws on war.

The Constitution of Mecca may have been the 1st ever document signed by a several communities / tribes living under one agreement (The UN being several countries under one agreement). I think this is what the author of the article speaks off.

Edit: link to constition

SRTold2923d ago ShowReplies(2)
eak32923d ago

I find it interesting that the author doesn't happen to mention the many fps games that Iran and other middle eastern nations have developed that feature exclusively the destruction of American and Israeli troops alike. His implication that America is somehow "bad" in its proliferation of nuclear weapons while we keep nations, like Iran, from having them is just asinine. Iran has said on many occasions that if they get a nuke they will use it. Its not the people of Iran that are the problem its the evil tyrannical govt that has to go.

2922d ago Replies(1)