Kinect: Top 10 Games To Buy Your Kids This Christmas

360 Magazine: There was a time when we all believed that there would be big, daddy adult games appearing for Kinect on a regular basis. Some might be a little disappointed that barely enough of those have appeared so as we might notice, but hang on.

Sit your average teenager down in front of Kinect Joyride and he’s likely going to projectile puke until someone turns it off and sticks on Call Of Duty – but young kids? That’s a different story. Kinect, ultimately, has been more about ‘Kinecting’ with both our children, and our own inner child than about proper gaming. But finding the right game for your kids is a minefield...

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Biglet2922d ago

Kinect: self-destruct!

jimmins2922d ago

I'd personally not buy any game for my kids in which the animals involved, once grown, would eat their faces off.

That's the thing with Kinectimals; all the animals are extremely dangerous when grown up. All of them. Odd.

Why not just have a cat. And a fish. And a hamster.

DaveX3602922d ago

I'd buy them Rise Of Nightmares.

But then I'm a terrible, terrible, person.