Xbox 360 2011 Dashboard update review (CVG): A sophisticated glimpse at the future...

Is tomorrow's update really 'like getting a new console'?

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Wikkid6662932d ago

I love it! works great with Kinect. For many it will take some getting used to.

mcstorm2932d ago

I agree with you I have the Beta and I love the new Metro UI MS have. Works very well on WP7 and the 360 dash. Having all the apps working with Kinect as well will also make it betting telling skyplayer what channel you want ect. You can really see what MS will do next gen with Kinect and there next dash.

darthv722932d ago

but i have the messenger pad and that really helps in typing stuff onto the screen. We have two 360's and kids are really wanting kinect. Big question is....which system to hook it up to?

mcstorm2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

Well do you have the 360 or 360s? For me i have both so i leave the plug in he back room for if we ever want to play kinectn that 360 and connect it to the one in the front room with just the cable from kinect to the back of the 360s. Also depends on which you think you would get the most out off too.

optimus2932d ago

i'm liking it too. i like the cloud feature although it would be nice if the storage was bigger... so far the one thing i don't like is when searching for the videos within an app. there is no voice search; you can use the kinect or the controller to type what you're looking for but that's a pain in the ass. the upside is that it tries to guess what you're looking for while you input the letters...ahh well, call it work in progress i guess.

Wikkid6662932d ago

I think the Cloud storage is huge... more than enough.

JeffGUNZ2932d ago

Do you have to move stuff from the HD to the cloud prior to trying to pull it up at a friends house or a different console?