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Rayman Origins takes Rayman back to his roots, a 2D platformer that tasks the player with rescuing Electoons and overcoming the forces of evil. If you’re a fan of old-school platform games then you’ve probably already noticed Rayman Origins and are waiting to see what people are saying about it, if you haven’t already bought it that is.

I wouldn’t have blamed you.


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robbttf2928d ago

Can't wait to try this title properly with a few friends!

JebusF2928d ago

Had a feeling this would be good. The art-style is gorgeous and it seems to be a genuinely top class platformer! Yay for Rayman!

Venox20082928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

it really deserves this score..I'm enjoying it at the moment, like other say - art style is gorgeous... like in A boy and his blob Wii game or Muramasa ..every is great in it's own

dazreah2928d ago

I want this and the new Sonic both look amazing.

JebusF2928d ago

From what I've played, I prefer Rayman, but the new Sonic is great (as long as you play the full console version and not the inferior 3DS version).

It's been a reasonably good year for platformers with those two!

dazreah2928d ago

I will be getting it for me 360, but will get Rayman first then sonic.

Venox20082927d ago

3DS version is good too.. different levels, different experience + 3D

Antholex2928d ago

I think it's great that platformers such as Rayman are getting this kind of attention.

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