Microsoft Warning: Problem with the Xbox 360 System Update

A problem with the Xbox 360 system update has been found by Microsoft in the feature where you're able to change your Live ID (email account) associated with your Gamertag.

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N4GayFanturds5544d ago

they had going into their current forums (2 years ago) from the upgrade to XBL 3.0.

But it won't effect me cause I had no intentions of changing my email.

Bubble Buddy5543d ago (Edited 5543d ago )

it could be even worse. you might be skychad1111's mom

skychad11115543d ago


joten5543d ago

Typical Xbox fanboy to bash the PS3 without owning one. Oh dude and by the way the caps lock button is on the left side of your keyboard right below the Tab key and right above the Shift key.

Panthers5543d ago

It wasnt a joke. Your mom seriously shoulda had an abortion.

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Bnet3435544d ago

thats not really a problem to me, i only posted on the xbox forums like once

v1c1ous5544d ago

my bro linked his email to my xbox account. now i can change it to mine.

iceman29295544d ago

i was worried for a second... this isn't a big deal! i'm sure it will get fixed anyways and the pros vastly outweigh the cons.

goldenxbox5544d ago

And next year we get more awesome goodness with Ninja Gaiden 2, Too Human, plus the great Lost Odyssey !!!

bootsielon5544d ago

lol, you can quit the hyperbole now

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The story is too old to be commented.