Skyrim Works Better In Xbox 360 Than PS3: Does It Really Matter For Gamers?

Pinoytutorial: In case you missed the revelation of Fallout: New Vegas developer Joshua Sawyer a few days ago, he revealed on his formspring page (promoted by reddit) the main reason why memory-related problems in Skyrim for Playstation 3 won’t be fixed despite of Bethesda’s effort to introduce patches on the game.

Likewise, this opens up an interesting discussion for gamers asking again if Skyrim simply works better on Xbox 360 than Playstation 3. And if you’ll ask us, the answer is, it doesn’t really matter since everything is all about player’s preferences. Details on this report.

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Intentions2928d ago

Imo it doesn't matter.

I haven't heard any problems from my friends about the PS3 version. Skyrim on the xbox has a couple of problems after the patch (brother has it on xbox)

Since i'm playing it on PC, it is kinda like the xbox version, with a couple of problems.

So... Yeah it doesn't really matter.

NukaCola2928d ago

Not being as good as the 360 version was kind of a given and not really an issue.

The PS3 version having so many issues in itse;f and Bethesda not really putting much into it is BS.

I personally though, havent had all the issues that some people are having. I can get choppy at times, but those games do on console. I had Fallout New Vegas on both and the PS3 version vs the 360 when all the patches were out, there was literally no differnce. It was excellent. But that was Obsidian, not Bethesda.

yess2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

The lag on the PS3, stopped me from playing.

After the patch it got a bit better, but then i got bored, so 120 hours gametime was it.

Now i wait for the mod community,a GOTY edition, and pick it up again in a years time.

badz1492928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

WTF does that title means? Are they trying to imply that people playing on PS3 and are having problems with the game they bought aren't "gamers"?

DonaldBeck2928d ago

i think people overdramatise things way too much on the internet. i can tell you i am content with my ps3 version of skyrim because i have only recently experienced...

framerate drops around towns with a ton of people ( it wasn't even that noticable for me.) and i spend probably 5% of my time in towns.

what i find funny is that alot of these "gamers" overexagerate the smallest problems and make them seem like the 360 versionis a whole different game and i think its ridiculous.

i would rather have insignificant (to me) framerate drops than dragons flying backwords anyday (that would really take away from the experience)

calibann2928d ago

dragons flying backwards: 1/100 chance (i've never seen it..)

framerate drop in towns: 99/100 chance..

Think about it..

Jappy-k72928d ago

on consoles, 360 has better framerate, better visuals, non game breaking bugs and better performance overall...

you rather play like this
than having a "rare" but funny dragon clown flying backwards? go soak yourself Ezio!

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jthamind2928d ago

yeah, it doesn't really matter that the game becomes unplayable for many people on the PS3 after the save file gets too big.


seriously, what kind of stupid question is that? what makes it worse is that some people are acting like it's blown out of proportion, that just because they don't have that problem, or their friends don't, well by golly, it must not exist!

i'm not even playing on the PS3. i'm having a near flawless experience on a high end PC with a bunch of awesome mods. but just because my experience has been fine (once the modders fixed the CTD issue) doesn't mean that everybody else has had a perfect experience. i know my girlfriend hasn't, because she's been playing on the PS3, and she had the same problems that many others have had. there have been threads and articles all over the internet about this, and the patch has attempted to address it. so quit pulling the wool over your own eyes and acting like it's not an issue.

thekiddfran2928d ago

This, well said. i pay 50 euros for a game, it better work properly. Apparantly there is a memory leak or something? How could bethesda miss that?

MasterCornholio2928d ago

Anyone find it funny that Bethesda accepted a deal f Microsoft to release DLC a month before the PS3 version? And that at the same time the PS3 version is filled with obvious gamebreakimy bugs?

Obviously Microsoft got a lot more than early DLC. They payed Bethesda to purposely wreck the PS3 version so that the 360 version would sell more.

Lol just kidding, I know that isn't true but sometimes it seems like it is because the PS3 lag issue is so obvious that I can't believe that the testers missed it.


fooxy2928d ago

Oh yeah ! Of course it doesn't matter that game you paid 60 bucks for at some point comes to a crawling stand. Just because you don't have issues or framterate drops does not mean experience is smooth for everybody else, and you can see that just by visiting Skyrim PS3 section

For those who wanna understand

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