Naruto Generations: Three Characters That Won’t Be In

From young Haku and Zabuza to the 5 Kages to Susanoo Sasuke and Nine-Tails Chakra Mode Naruto, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations is slated to have over 70 playable characters. At this time 43 characters have been confirmed playable, 30 of which are different. However, a new tweet from CyberConnect2 has confirmed three characters that won’t be in Generations

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tayz2929d ago

That's dissapointing, this game was supposed to have everybody from part 1!!

crxss2929d ago

all that really matters is Uchiha Madara at this point since they already announced 9 tails chakra mode Naruto. they can't really have eternal Sasuke in it since we haven't seen what he's capable of. wonder if they'll have Naruto's bijuu ball as his ultimate.

rezzah2929d ago

dammit i was actually looking forward to playing as them.

To me Naruto started to get really interesting when those guys showed up for the exams.

nyobzoo2929d ago

"the Hidden Sounds Village’s Dosu, Zaku, and Kin"

I thought it was going to be some big people but I can live without them in this game

Rai2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

did they announce....


Spoiler alert


The real Uchiha Madara?

crxss2929d ago

not yet. hope they do soon but i hope there's at least 2 tobi's to choose from.

despair2929d ago

won't happen, too soon in the manga for them to implement it in the game...remember they take a long time to make these characters and implement them in the game so he'll wait until the next one probably.