5 Games That Disappointed in 2011 and The 5 We’re Banking On for 2012

Suddenbrain: In a year of Skyrim, Portal 2, Minecraft, Arkham City, and more it’s pretty simple to come up with a list of our favorite games of 2011. That said, it seems the Year of the Rabbit also came with more than the usual share of disappointments. In the spirit of the holidays Suddenbrain team has voted on it’s list of 5 games that failed to live up to their potential, and to avoid being too much of a downer, the 5 that we are most looking forward to reviewing in 2012.

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DigitalRaptor4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

BioShock Infinite is my #1 on that list!

People say it can't beat the original? I think we'll see about that! ;)

t0mmyb0y4316d ago

I'm not a fan of the first 2, but Infinite looks effen awesome.

despair4316d ago

I feel the same way, I just couldn't get into Bioshock 1 and didn't even bother about part 2. But after that insanely awesome demo they showed on Infinite I can't wait for it, that is if it lives up to the hype.

4316d ago
zeeshan4316d ago

I hope we will get THE LAST OF US in 2012.

Christopher4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

***what you have is a game that looks like Tarzan but plays like Jane. ***

What the hell is that supposed to mean? I mean, fine, they were disappointed with Rage, but what type of metaphor is that? Is that supposed to mean it plays like a woman instead of a virile man? Isn't that kind of offensive to a certain sex?


As far as 2012, Kingdoms of Amalur is showing a ton of promise from what they've shown. They've got some great guys doing some good things with the action (damn fine camera angle controls) and a lot of options with the game. ME3 will be a no-brainer, but I'm not as excited for it as I was for the first two. Not really up for Twisted Metal, just doesn't seem my type of game. Same with BioShock. First two were above average, but just not really my type of games. Final Fantasy... I haven't been interested in it since the FFVIII.

Give me Diablo 3, Torchlight 2, The Last Guardian, and Borderlands 2 for 2012.

MaxXAttaxX4316d ago

I don't think it was a sex thing.
Tarzan is supposed to have all these skills and Jane doesn't. At least, in the Disney version, lol.

As for ME3, I've been losing interest since the second game. Rather than expanding on previous features, they're diminishing and streamlining them.
I liked BioShock 1, but 2 felt redundant. Looking forward to Infinite though. Seems like a change of pace. I'll give FFXIII-2 a pass as well.
Can't wait for The Last Guardian though.

caseh4316d ago

Tarzan = King of the Jungle
Jane = Eye candy and not a lot else

I see where they're coming from. :)

Christopher4316d ago

Okay, now what does "plays like eye candy" mean? Also, people should probably read the books again if they think Jane is just eye candy.

t0mmyb0y4315d ago

@ cgoodno

Errm how do you have so many bubbles?

Arksine4315d ago

He's a mod.

"Looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane" is a common metaphor used in sports, particularly football (American). Sometimes you have these amazing 6'6 300 lbs athletes that bench 500 lbs but when they get on the field they just aren't physical enough to play the game. Hence the metaphor.

I don't see how it applies to gaming though. The writer probably could have come up with something better.

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showtimefolks4316d ago

I agree with the list on games that just did not go as planned.

Rage: funny thing about rage was all ID fanboys and there are plenty said this and that and how it's gonna be. All you had to do is look at ID's past few games. They know TECH but they have ZERO clue on what a actual single player story is. With the same tech they should do RAGE 2 and this time add RPG elements and add a small loot system and for the love chocolate chip cookies add a view able map. Rage has some great ideas but needs to be done better. They can release one by 2013 and only do a great single player. Disagree all you want ID fans end of the day zenimax the parent company for ID and Bethesda held a meeting after how poorly Rage did to put ID's future games on hold. If you gonna take 5 years od development game has to sell 3 million plus .


What can I say the ideas were nice but than again single player sucked worst than any other game and MP was good but no where near where it could have been. It's a valuable IP I believe if they do a sequel and do it right there is a market for it.


After 10 plus years of on and off development of you expected anything more than I blame you and not the devs/publishers. Gearbox wanted to get DNF out of the way so they can do an actual DN game using today's tech down the road hopefully we will see it

Drag age 2:

Now I liked DA2 because I disliked the 1st. In the 2nd it became a button masher so it was fun to play but I understand why so many hated it. After fee hrs in I never got back into it. Something was missing it didn't feel like a bioware game

DC universe:

I think it's a success now when it's free to play

Mass effect 3
Borderlands 2
Twisted metal
Last guardian
Darkness 2
Darksiders 2
Jak dexter hd collection
Metro last light
And if it comes out GTA 5

Sorry could not pick 5. The game I am most excited for is borderlands 2 and close 2nd is jak Dexter hd collection.

If metal gear rising turns out good I will also be interested in that too

Batman AC is the one game that disappointed me the most out of all. It was missing the magic touch of the 1st one. I think rocksteady easy did an excellent job don't get me wrong I just think they tried to please so many different nay Sayers that in a way batman AC lost it's identity.

MizTv4317d ago

kz3 was a knife in my heart. i will never get over it

Deputydon4317d ago

I agree. I had feelings that KZ3 wouldn't be as good as KZ2 around the time GG did the final KZ2 update that ruined the game for the most part. Enabling spawn grenades to be spawn camped. I knew from that moment that they were going to change the system for KZ3, and sure enough, that's what happened.

I still believe to the fullest extent that almost every single issue with KZ3 is all because of the tactician class and how they changed it. They were forced to build the maps differently than they could have, and the class itself became a constant Capture and Hold match. It gave the tactician far more work to do and it wasn't even fun because you basically had to camp one of your own spawns just to make sure you didn't lose it.

As for Bioshock Infinite, I don't see how anybody could watch that 15 minute gameplay presentation they did, and not be absolutely amazed. Even if you aren't an FPS fan, you have to admire what Levine is trying to do. There are VERY few FPS games that I've compared to Half Life when it comes to immersion. But Bioshock 1 managed to get pretty close to that. The only other FPS I've played this generation that has gotten close is Metro 2033. Both of those games had an amazing amount of immersion, I think the only reason Metro fell short was the amount of bugs, and the gunplay not always feeling fluid. But I have no doubt, that Bioshock Infinite will be one of the greatest single player FPS of all time, and will most likely topple bioshock.

Wh15ky4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

I was initially quite dissapointed at some of the decisions GG made with KZ3 - changing and omitting so many of the things that helped make KZ2 such a great game, restricting some maps to bodycount only, some of the awful map designs, the short disjointed single player campaign and the tacked on co-op.


KZ3 has now become my most played FPS on my PS3, I have now spent more time on the MP than I did on KZ2 or BFBC2 and I still play it quite regularly. The Move controls are the sole reason for this but KZ3s Move controls are also the reason I can't enjoy an FPS that doesn't support the Move, I haven't even bought BF3 because of this.

vickers5004316d ago

What are your move settings for KZ3? I've tried playing KZ3 with move but I thought it was terrible. Maybe I'm just using crappy settings?

I LOVED playing inFamous 2 on PS-MOVE, though it took about 4-5 hours to fully get used to. I thought I would like KZ3 move because I hear KZ3s move controls are really good, but I couldn't even use them even somewhat successfully in KZ3.

Wh15ky4316d ago

My Move settings for KZ3 are:

Deadzone width: 0%
Deadzone height: 0%
Crosshair sensitivity: 20%
Turn speed: 70%
Lock assist: none
Zoom: hold
Crouch: hold

You may want to start with these settings then tweak them to your liking, I also exagerate my aim a little when calibrating, aiming just an inch or so off the screen to each side.

zeeshan4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

I absolutely adore KZ3 mp. It is simply too awesome. It is a shame many did't give it a go and/or kept playing it for a while.

It becomes very very addictive. Single player is boring but MP is simply awesome.

MoreRPG4317d ago

the only game that disappointed me was Rage i wasn't interested on the other four games on that list
about 2012 Mass Effect 3 and BioShock Infinite are my most anticipated games

antz11044317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

DC Universe was ultimately a huge win. They went free to play and had over a million new subscribers, myself included. Great game!

Spot on though with Brink and Twisted Metal: my most hated of 2011 and most anticipated for 2012.

SilentNegotiator4316d ago (Edited 4316d ago )

DCU is okay. For something taking up an entire 18GB on my harddrive, though, IDK. The balancing is problematic, the combat feels off, the targeting system doesn't work too great, PvP servers just results in getting pulverized by a bunch of level 30s in one hit......well, it ultimately feels a bit like a run-o-the-mill MMO.

But I am enjoying it. I just wish that they had stepped up a bit more. With a superhero universe, they could have at least made the combat a bit more fluid.

BTW, anyone else find it sorta funny that they would make an article about games they got worked up about and ended up disappointed in, and then said 'These are the games we're worked up about for next year!'? They're only going to end up being let down again.

Christopher4316d ago

***PvP servers just results in getting pulverized by a bunch of level 30s in one hit***

That happens in almost every single other open PvP MMO out there as well. Just wanted to point that out.

Jappy-k74317d ago

from the games i've played i was really disappointed with UC3...

as for next year I'm hoping for FFvsXIII, The Last Guardian and MGS: Rising!

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