GameTrailers Reviews Contra 4

A handful of great features and a definite old-school feel make this the best Contra game released in over a decade.

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coolfool3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Ok, I have a gripe.

I know the DS is popular, I know it isn't even meant to be marketed as any sort of hand held power house and I know everyone has fond memories of games they used to play in their youth.

But where is the boundary between a game which has rubbish graphics, non existent story and repetitive play (by todays standards) and a game which is "old skool"?

It is like they are reviewing it on a completely different scale(in fact I know they) but the question is why?

For example, this game doesn't push the DS graphically at all. Lets say for example that it uses 15% (i don't know the real number) of the DS's graphical potential. Now imagagine if a PS3 game when the PS3 has been out for 2+ years only used 15% of the PS3's graphical potential. Would it get classed as "old skool" or would it get slated horribly? This is just a graphics example, add this to the non existent story and repetitive play and this game on the PS3 would crash and burn. But on the DS it is "old skool".

Someone please help me understand this!!

neogeo3969d ago

This game rules. I'm more excited about this game then any mass effect.
too bad your not old enough to understand why.

BIoodmask3969d ago

WTF are you talking about? The Contra series is on of gamings true classics. I have no doubt this game will be spectacular as Super Contra and Contra 3: Alien Wars were two of my favorite games of all time.

It is obvious that a lot of people on this website started gaming with the introduction of the Playstation. Sad.

coolfool3969d ago

I actually started gaming with a (new) Spectrum 48k (earlier version). Yeah, work out how old I am now.......

I think you have just missed my point completely. I have fond memories of these classics but my question was (and here is the emphasis) using todays standards for gaming, why aren't these games classed as out dated and poor rather than being put into the cool "old skool" category?

I liked the new Super Mario Bros it was just like the earlier versions on the nes but used updated graphics to add new game play elements to the old-skool style.