Digital Download Discount for Vita May Explain Sony’s Memory Stick Plans

If this is true, it may put a broader context on Sony's plan to sell proprietary memory cards for the PlayStation Vita at jacked-up prices.

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Kurisu2932d ago

"The tradeoff, of course, is you can't trade in digital media. Which again points to why Sony may be laying out incentives to go digital."

If the rumours about the 40% discount on digital titles is true then I may start to buy more digital games when the Vita comes out. I mean most of the time trading games in is worthless anyway, as the value decreases so quickly.

gamingdroid2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

I would probably buy the cart version, just because they will drop in price equally as fast due to retailer competition.

If history is the judge, digital always ends up costing more than physical media.

As you can see, you would pay out the nose for the memory card, that can only store about 8 games. That is 8 games, you can't lend to anyone, trade-in and get at a discount in-store.

However, 40% off if true is a substantial discount on release day. That is a win for consumers, but I'm expecting more of a 20% discount.

darthv722932d ago

digital for convenience and physical for collectability.

SIX2932d ago

Agreed. This business model makes perfect sense. I believe it's why psp go failed. I hope this is true. I've seen how the vita can multitask, and to be able to jump from game to game effortlessly is a huge incentive to download.

coryok2932d ago

getting 40% of your money back when trading in a game isnt likely to happen lol. a few games go from $60 to $10 in a year, so the trade in for them drops pretty quick

gamingdroid2932d ago

That is a very good point!

That's why I mostly wait for the games to drop sub $30-20 now a days. There has only been 3 games all year long that I bought day-1.

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Bach2932d ago

I do not care what costs what, just give me my PS Vita device, on the double!

MasterCornholio2932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

A 3DS game costs 40 euros here. So the idea of being able to buy a handheld game for 26 seems like a great idea to be. This should make the Vita a lot more competitive and hopefully Nintendo will do the same with its digital downloads. I can only see good things cine from this.

ps. Im comparing it to the 3DS because it's the latest handheld.


darthv722932d ago (Edited 2932d ago )

that digital editions would be cost adjusted like physical editions but that is really up to Sony to decide.

While many hate on Gamestop, I do like to pick up older UMD games to play and collect. I can very well buy the digital version of Chains of olympus but I bought the physical because it was cheaper.

If sony can guaranty to do some cost cutting on a regular basis then it makes more sense to go digital. I must say, since the GO introduced the notion of digital UMD's, I have purchased several PSP games in digital form. There is no collectable value in the digital form but thats ok. I bought them to play not put away on the shelf.

edit: @closesecond or better yet. Download codes that can be redeemed via the ps store. Similar to the digital download cards that live has for games. I bought Alan wake on digital download card from amazon for $5 and was sent the actual card with code to enter on the live marketplace.

If sony were to issue something similar for retailer to hang in their stores, the stores could regulate the prices like they do now. A game isnt selling, it goes on sale and you redeem the code on PSN for the game.

CloseSecond2932d ago

Open up digital content to other online retailers. Imagine how prices might change if Amazon were to come onto the scene like they do with physical media.

metsgaming2932d ago

I highly doubt the rumored discount of 40% is true, its just way to high for me to believe. I'm not even going to "hope" that its true. If it gets announced that its not true you know how many people will be angry because they believed the rumor?

colonel1792932d ago

I'm skeptical with the 40%, but maybe 20% is reasonable enough to be true.

princejb1342932d ago

i really hope the 40% is true for one thing, they dont have to spend money on shipping or packaging it
second we have to download the games ourselves, with my slow internet lets see 3GB would take about 3 to 4 hours to download per game

CloseSecond2932d ago

Sony could have played this card with the PSP Go but instead they shafted everyone who purchased the Go (me included). PSN prices for games you can buy retail are just plain rediculous.

Hell, I can import games from the other side of the world on physical media and still pay $40 less than buying it off PSN, plus I also get to later on sell the game.

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