Nowgamer: The King Of Fighters XIII Review

After going to all the trouble of redrawing the classic sprites into high-definition, The King of Fighters XII was pitched as a dramatic resurgence that would rejuvenate the fighting series.

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Kyosuke_Sanada2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

So far this is the only fighter this generation which I have truly enjoyed. SNK realized that they won't be able to rope in any new fans buy making the game easier with Critical Counter so they just went back to it's roots to impress the loyals. I am really happy this reviewer appreciates this titles greatness and isn't wasting half of his article complaining about the last boss like some I've read.....

Tito082931d ago

Agreed, this has being my most anticipated fighter, and I think this will be the fighter I will enjoy the most this gen, because I lost interest in SF, MVC, MK and tekken are still great, but not as much as this, love SNK!!!!

jetlian2931d ago

is my fighter of the year. I liked 12 even with its short comings. This is just fun to play. The trials are hard as hell though