Ten Games That Will Make or Break the 3DS in 2012

Geek Pikimal - Mario Kart 7 arrived in Japan yesterday and hits stateside on Sunday. With it marks the beginning of a new era for the Nintendo 3DS. In a literal sense, it signals the end of this calendar year for the system, as the next big games for the 3DS won’t start to arrive until roughly a month from now in January.

And 2012 is very much a make or break year for Nintendo’s latest handheld, after a debut that rarely lived up to the hype. There’s the impending debut of Vita to consider, as Sony seems to have more AAA releases coming out at launch than the 3DS can lay claim to after nearly a year.

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MultiConsoleGamer2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )


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rezzah2926d ago

Well it is hard for any Mario game to do bad.

The name Mario alone sells, and reviewers are likely to be biased towards it (unless they grow tired of him like me).

goodbyeN4Gfaggots2926d ago

I got sick of Mario after the first million games.

BldyShdw2926d ago

We..............disagree :)

--Onilink--2926d ago

not really, reviewers are known to complain when mario games dont meet the standard, take for example most Mario spin-off titles, only a few get 8+. Or even a core mario game like New Super Mario Bros Wii didnt get many great scores.

Now on the other hand, most other main mario titles like the Galaxy Series or 3D Land now get praise by reviewers because they are great games, not just because they are mario games

rezzah2926d ago

you could be could be right, i hardly hear anything about those other games. Majority of the time this gen is Mario Galaxy.

dcortz20272926d ago

I'm so happy I don't own one of these things, PS Vita FTW!

smashman982926d ago

so u wouldnt be happy if you did own one?

dont get me wrong im getting the vita day one and all that

but the 3ds isnt a bad system

everybody i know who owns one loves it that includes me i own 6 games for it all of which i throughly enjoy

and to top it off owning a 3ds is like a game within itself thanks to street pass, i always carry it on me

something tells me if you owned one ur opinion would be different

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--Onilink--2926d ago

what about Fire Emblem or Mario Tennis??? those franchises are great. I hope the single player is like the GBA games, all the character building and the "school", it was great.

ndl15312926d ago

yes folks mario 3d land is great cant wait for re:revelations

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