Nintendo Wii U Specs Vs Xbox 360: Does It Really Matter?

Pinoytutorial: It seems like a rumor’s come up about Wii U's hardware specifications scheduled for release in March 2012. Question is, does it really matter if its specs are only at par with Xbox 360? We're here to analyze the situation.

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Shok3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

Whoa whoa whoa, who ever said the specs were on-par with the 360? It's misinformed people like this that cause other people (mostly Nintendo haters) to believe this delusion.

All that's been RUMORED is that the Wii U will have similar ARCHITECTURE to the 360, that's not saying it's just as strong.

jony_dols3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

I don't hate Nintendo, and the Wii U will undoubtedly be more powerful than the 360 & even the PS3.

But I don't see why in 2012, Nintendo are releasing hardware that will be slightly more powerful than a console that was released in 2005.

The next-gen Xbox & the PS4 are on the horizon, and they will more than likely dwarf the power of the Wii U. Nintendo aren't future proofing their hardware, & that could severely effect sales & even hinder dev's in the long run.

The Dreamcast faced similar problems, when SEGA released it back in 1998, & it eventually bankrupted them.

jony_dols3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

This article is a comparing the the power of the Wii U & the 360. I said 'even' because the PS3 it isn't even aforementioned in the headlining.

The PS3 was originally built to be marginally more 'future-proof' than the 360 (mainly due to the inclusion of a Blu ray drive & inbuilt HDD) whilst the 360's RAM architecture has given the 360 a slight edge in many ways. Either way though, both of them are starting to show their age.

Shackdaddy8363138d ago

Hardware specs haven't been released yet. You're basing your info on very poorly thought out rumors.

Khordchange3138d ago

dreamcast faced similar problems? What? it was pretty damn close to the ps2. IT had problems because no gave a s*** about SEga and sonic anymore. And Are you forgetting about idk, the wii?

dark-hollow3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

The wii u spec till now ARE NOT KNOWN
STFU till we know the full hardware then start hating/loving it.

And dont say bu bu wii was weakest so the wii u would be too.
This is the FIRST time nintendo release a console behind the curve.

nondecaf3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

People predicted the ps vita and got it right so I assume that this not far of.

Skip_Bayless3138d ago

I think PS3 processor might very well be stronger which would put WiiU in a worded scenario than the Wii in a technical standpoint. The Wii was atleast stronger than the Gamecube, Xbox, and PS2. The argument that graphics are "good enough" is not valid. The power issue is huge and is the sole reason why big triple A multiplatform games are never made for the Wii and if they do it's a shitty port.

BitbyDeath3138d ago

"But I don't see why in 2012, Nintendo are releasing hardware that will be slightly more powerful than a console that was released in 2005."

Because Nintendo like to make a profit on all hardware sold. If they went for something too new it'd cost far too much to make a profit on.

darthv723138d ago

the wii-u could be the equivalent to the supergrafx in relation to the previous system. I would still buy it. I just like gaming to much to deny myself that pleasure.

Anyone that does not know, the supergrafx was a marginal upgrade to the turbografx/pcengine.

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Frankfurt3138d ago

Cliffy B himself says it's barely half a step over a 360. Deal with it.

ozstar3138d ago

Cliffy B also says 8 out of 10 Reviewers for GOW3 are haters.

He also says his 3 favorite horror films include Paranormal Activity.


_Aarix_3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )


That's cute and all, that's of course replying that he was being sarcastic. Do you realy think a famous lead designer for a top notch quality AAA game is really "upset". LOLOLOL!

ninjahunter3138d ago

The architectures virtually the same, but from rumors its got a considerable buff over the 360.
Like nintendo said about a 50% improvement sounds about right if you know hardware.

hellvaguy3138d ago


Speaking of misinformed people, you didnt even read the article at all did u? It doesnt say anywhere that the the specs will be on-par with 360. The author said it wouldnt even matter IF the specs were the same as the 360. So you can loosen up your fanboy panties just a wii bit.

Shok3138d ago

Did you read the excerp right under the title of the headline?

"Question is, does it really matter if its specs are only at par with Xbox 360?"

That's what I was responding to. and I never said the author of the article said it was just on par.

Good day to you sir.

SilentNegotiator3137d ago

"Whoa whoa whoa, who ever said the specs were on-par with the 360?"

No one. The author says "rumor" straight out the gate. He doesn't even remotely suggest that it is a fact. So slow down your Nintendo fan victim train with your "Nintendo haterz!!" and such, for a second.

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DJMarty3138d ago

Someone clearly doesn't know ther tech shit.

Cell CPU is based off PowerPC 6 as is 360 3 core CPU.

Wii U CPU Still based off PowerPC just it's uses version 7 rather than 6.

mirumu3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

The 360's Xenon and PS3's Cell don't really compare directly to a traditional POWER CPU, although it's true that the POWER 6 is probably the closest to them based on feature set. That said both Cell and Xenon are limited to in-order code execution for start which means the performance really isn't even going to be comparable. The console CPUs are designed to be cheap to make.

Regarding the Wii U, I have no idea what they're going to do although I have serious doubts Nintendo would want a POWER 7 derivative. POWER 7 has an 8-core architecture, and each core can have up to 4 threads running at the same time. It's all about parallel computing. I'd say that makes it less than ideal for a games console and it certainly make development and debugging harder.

If I was to speculate I think Nintendo would prefer a fast single or dual core. Perhaps something closer to a real POWER 6 than either Xenon or Cell. 64-bit and with modern features like VMX. It would still need to be cut down quite a bit though to lower the price and power usage as, for example, a POWER 6 is made of around 9-times as many transistors as Xenon.

ninjahunter3138d ago

If rumors are true, it will probably be a quad core Power7 with their 4 threads per core. But multi threading is pretty useless for gaming.
(thats why i5 and i7 perform the same in 90% of games)

A gimped power7 would still be great for the price/power efficiency though.

IDK, Just some thoughts, you seems to know alot more than me about this though haha.

cochise3133138d ago

wii u shouldn't be compaired to 6 year old tech. try compairing to ps3 or the next xbox when those specs are revealed.

sulaymanqazi3138d ago

hmmm. this reminds me of the dreamcast and PS2. Nintendo, please dont f**k up.

Khordchange3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

um no it doesn't, none of you were around in that era and that is a terrible comparison

hellvaguy3138d ago


"none of you were around in that era"

Im fairly sure I was around and in college during this era and my birth certificate does remind me i was born in 1977.

_Aarix_3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

The Ps3 isnt really that much more powerful compared to the 360. Especially not enough to say "compare the wii u to it and not the 360".

Pikajew3138d ago (Edited 3138d ago )

All the Nintendo haters believe this because it has bad specs and want the WiiU to be the weakest console next gen

sulaymanqazi3138d ago

it will. and it took you over 5 years to realize that sir.

metsgaming3138d ago

if the wiiu wasnt the weakest console it would have to be the most expensive because nintendo wont sell it at a lose and that tablet controller doesnt look cheap. Thus it wont happen it will be the weakest by far. No way they can get their casual audience when its expensive.

3138d ago
richierich3138d ago

It does matter if it costs more

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